Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life is a game...

When you hit a yellow dot ball continously on the squash court wall for about 2- 4mins(warm up) , the hollow rubber sphere bounces with life!! Gets hit umpteen number of times,yet bounces back and forth.. It brings a zeal into the game and the players begin" love- all"..

Love and friendship, I've noticed work like the dynamics of the game of squash!
I've seen it closely..the misunderstandings are like hitting against a wall...and the outcome of it is more warmth, greater energy nad zeal in the relationship! I've experienced it-first hand!

Life is a u agree?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Once upon a Deal...

"1..2.....3 GO!!"
says BIG Bro Bush,
"Wow!! what a race;" makes Manmohan खुश ।

It a deal!! yep a deal,
Oh पाजी , A New- clear deal!!

Its special, its cool,
agree on it, don't be a fool!

Chit and chat;
but don't put it off the rack!

We're friends, we'll be so forever,
Just this one condition; c'mon brother!

"OK, I'll ask, I'll discuss the deal..
I need to keep people at home happy, you see?"

There's Mr. Karat, and Pranab Da,
Several others..I gotta go real far!

We'll set the deal ablaze,
vow for creating energy..

We'll turn it out,
into a great synergy!!

........objections.....! there are many,
only time will tell, after withstanding all political zany!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Crime" and punishment????

The first line I read this morning moved me-6-yr-old Delhi girl shamed in class.
This year itself there were cases of little children beaten-'beaten to death'!
Physical or mental the pain is unbearable. To be stripped off ones clothing, and hearing the echoes of "shame shame"would damage one's mental balance. It is horrifying, that how a girl/woman of 19(the kindergarten teacher) could be so monstrous!

LAW is inherent in human beings. The idea of command rests in each individual who has power. But I ask where does human reason go, when one exercises power? What can drive a woman to punish a child by bringing her to shame, for a mere incomplete homework?
Where does the rule of natural justice go? Who gets a fair hearing? Are these concepts only to be found in books, kept in the shroud of ignorance?

The liable school maybe under scrutiny for letting just a 12th grade pass student be a teacher for kindergarten..but its not an excuse! It disgusts me that the woman was released on bail!
Whether 12th pass or BA,BEd, more so a double M.A-The monster is taking over souls...

A teacher, who is thought to be a beacon for a student in the darkness is fading into oblivion..the 'barbaric and savage being' is coming alive.
We need to get over it, sooner than it gets late!

Here I write some random lines for the teacher who I wish remains a teacher..

Could be anything,dear teacher,
she/he must be sleepy,
must be watching his/her favorite cartoon on t.v,

must be busy playing with his/her toys and dolls,
or climbing the berry tree in the garden which stands tall.

Just another chance to do his/her homework you 'must' give,
I urge you to live and let live..

Where the mind is without fear, the head is held high,
Do these lines remind you 'only' of the school assembly?( I Sigh...)

Remember yourself as a child,
and search yourself in the ones you teach,

Ask yourself a question-
Are you indulging in a breach?

A breach of childhood, a breach of love and care,
A breach of trust and a breach of being fair..

Think dear teacher, please do,
the only person who can make a difference is you!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Evening 7PM, 5th September 2007- I'm in a rush..Two hours to go. Pack!!! Pack up, no not for a weekend get away, a competition!!

deAd TiRed!!!

I realise I need to put cash in my bag.OK done.

Now what?! Oh yes 'change', the oh so important "chhuttta", for my cuppa tea and coffee in the train journey~!!

I lay my hands on any purse I can see in the almirah, shove my hand into pockets and pouches..and discover a few memories, a few blessings and tears roll down my eyes...

I discovered a few 'cardamom pods'.Those cardamom pods which my mum invariably slips into her purse before leaving for work...And this little purse I lent her last vacation, was lucky to keep some..

A long journey was awaiting me and my team, and here I was missing home with the pungent taste of "chotie elaichi" on my tongue..

Evening 10 PM 9th September 2007- I'm glad with the team's performance.

My team mate won the best advocate..She says I'm lucky for her, I think Mamma's "chotie elaichi blessings" worked..
It is funny isn't it, how little things in life carry memories? How small gestures and habits build a bond and touch your soul..

Monday, September 03, 2007

Reaching out to eves...

A whistle, something which could soothe your nerves,

could actually get on the same!

A song, a love song, for a deeply loved one,

could turn you pale!

A touch, something so pure and intimate,

could tear your self esteem to shreds!

A shadow, following you in a laybrinthine lane,

could not be a beautiful stranger, but a horrid one!

Stay cautious,beware.

Be alert, and dare...

And to all the eve teasers- "Ghar mein maa behen nahin hai kya???!!"

Sunday, September 02, 2007

'Pamper Sunday'

Eyes not ready to wake.

Heartbeats for my dreams,still at stake.

I gather my spirit to amble around,

Oh is there something special I found?

A look from the porch, I need not take,

Its drizzle, I know its pleasing smell..

A fine morning, with music so fine to fill my ears,

pitter patter, droplets, bring heaven near...

The mirror looks at me, and I stand still,

"Its sunday morning, pamper yourself !"

I indulge, I pamper, I dandle.

I care, nothing to spare.

A week of scurry, hurry, worry,

is to a close,

But every end, begins a new show..

My leisure Sunday, My pamper Sunday..

Is slowly passing by..

But I'll wait a hundred and forty four hours,

to meet it again!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Often I've come across certain e-mails, forwarded by friends and acquiantances.
The subject reads-'Please Please spare 5minutes,do not it,fwd it'...and I read on..
The mail talks of a loving dad who lost his teenage daughter because some person ran over a car her. The driver was drunk.
There was a plea in the end,asking people to spread awareness about drunken driving,and its fatal consequences.
I am a it never affected me as much as a mishap has affected me today.

Can't call him a friend, can't say he was an acquantaince. A senior is all I can think of, to describe my association with him.
Never had a conversation with him, or maybe yes if you consider "Goodmorning sir" and the other pleasantries one has to convey in the first year of college as conversation.

He was just another guy,hanging out near the cafe, or playing 'Age of Empires' (the most loved LAN game in college).
I could gauge that he is a caring and loyal friend, as he brought a smile on a friend's face,when her life was in shambles. A person adored by many and no denying,loved too.

'Alcohol' coupled with a 'mean machine' snatched him away. A light hearted, high night,became dreadful.
He moved away from his aspirations and achievements, from his loved ones and friends.
Why? Why does anybody take life for granted? Why does one never realise the worth of being in this world? Why does one have to be thrilled by speed? What experiment is it to be inebriated, and drive ? Who is to be blamed? fate? Alcohol? Motorbike? Or one's own conscience? Or each of these?
I have a million questions,unanswered.

I can only pray for him, and all who loved him..
I can only plead for people to handle life with care.

'Akash sir,May your soul rest in peace'

Friday, August 31, 2007


Are you thinking, what I'm thinking?
Are you carving a niche in the void of your lonely heart?
Are you missing me?

Is silence,whispering my name into your ears?
Are little things, colouring your memories?
Are you missing me?

Wondering won't wait any more..
I'm missing you, is all that of which I'm sure..

Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm elated:)

A morning, that I looked forward too,
Did not see the rising sun, but knew it will shine for me.
A goal, a desire, a hope..
all three wrapped into a bundle of thoughts,
a string of words, a fervour to achieve..

Yes!! I'm elated!! I have an opportunity right in front of me..
This is to lady luck, to shine on me..
and to the almighty to bless me...

(This post is dedicated to elation- I'm elated today, because I've achieved an opportunity, yes nothin but an prove my worth, the real test is now!!
also..I've finally got an opportunity to blog!!courtesy my college computer laboratory blocking of my adorable blog!

not much to write.. opportunity has knocked once..i gotta go!!
I'm elated..can't stop smiling!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The poetess in me in 1999…

Today morning, my father discovered a pile of old memories, while settling his huge box of books and documents.
And in a file kept meticulously, by my perfectionist dad, I found two scraps of newspaper cuttings…The content, made me giggle. Please read on..

Flower, oh dear flower
You are nature’s power
You attract everyone, every hour.

You are fixed at a place,
You can’t win a race
Yet, you’re the garden’s grace.

It may be plain or hilly,
There’s rose, lotus and lily
All this cannot be done
By a magician’s ‘gilly gilly’!!

-Snigdha Ghosal
Std 6th, Army School Damana, Jammu
(from, ‘Bratline’-Poet’s corner’ the Indian Express, Jammu)

“Gilly gilly” made me giggle!! I wonder how unequivocally I expressed my admiration for a flower, and how much I must have pondered to get the right word to rhyme with ‘lily’!! Alas, I had to stick to my imagination as a kid, and venture out into fairy land, and think of a sorcerer!

Here’s another poem written in the same year, when ‘The Infanteer’s Daughter’ in me rose to pen down my feelings about The war of Kargil. I tried my best to put in all that, what I learnt from my father and felt from my mother in the few lines I was writing ..
So here’s it..

On The Kargil Hill

On the Kargil hill,
The soldiers are fighting still
They fought at the beginning,
And they still will

When the night is just falling,
They start their patrolling
Facing the harsh shelling..
On the Kargil hill,
the soldiers are fighting still.
They climb great heights,
During the chilly nights,
Without any torch lights
For that can’t be missed by
The enemy’s sight..
On the Kargil hill,
The soldiers are fighting still.

Their fingers running on the trigger,
To kill the militants sitting in the bunker
Which makes the enemy quiver..
On the Kargil hill,
The soldiers are fighting still…

Army School Damana
(from, ‘Bratline’-Poet’s corner’ the Indian Express, Jammu)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dear Blog..

Dear Blog,
Hope you're 'fit n fine',
Its been so long since I visited you..
But, I've been busy nine to nine..

Oh please do forgive me,
I did'nt mean to lend you a cold shoulder..
I hope some people visited you,
when I was trying to roll on over a stubborn boulder..

Yeah..something so unavoidable,
something so inevitable,
like a boulder its so heavy on me,
oh its so inescapable!

A week more..and You'll get all my attention,
when I'll be free from all exam tension..
Free from laws of family, of history of legality,
Of the Constituition of our nation, from the concepts of economy...

So take care untill we meet again,
miss me, the same way

Friday, May 04, 2007


Has'nt it happened to many people? To most of us?
Its that something which a someone with utmost innocence-says or writes, to you, for you...and you just get that feeling, that gut feeling..that you are offended!!And your knee jerk reaction is to get irritated and agitated to the core!

This is an astonishing fact that an innocuos remark for one can be an innuendo for another!!
People are different from each other..they need not think the same way, behave the same way in the same circumstances..what they need to do is deal with each other's differences happily, gracefully, peacefully...

"You said something, I thought it to be something

You meant something, I know what it meant..

Whats the matter, why are we quiet?

Lets try to find where our feelings lie...

Different is the rain from cloud, yet they are together.

Separate are the boats from the sea, yet they flow together..

So leave the dark innuendo behind, come in the light of unambiguity...

Once again life like before, is sheer lucidity...."

Friday, April 27, 2007

Time flies...

Yesterday I was having a nice and happy conversation with someone very important (to me).. One thing led to another and I discovered that 'time' takes its own time to weave our lives.
Not that I did'nt know that time waits for none and all that jazz..but still it felt as if things had not changed in the past few years but they eventually had.

I felt I was the same, but there are changes for the better that I know now...perhaps changes for the worse that I am not prepared for. All in all something has made life different , more exciting and it is definitely the passage of time.

Sometimes i just close my eyes and think of every single person whom I know or I have known in life, closely or remotely...and I try to decipher as to what importance those people hold in my heart.
I feel every human being (or animal) you meet leaves an impression on you and there is always something that one learns...

Walking down memory lane, I see myself talking to an aged man (my father's senior)..Vijay Uncle asks me( a 6 year old)-"So beta what do you want to be when you grow up??" and I say without flinching- an astronaut!!
Someone must have asked me the same question years later..and this time I said engineer!
Finally, time has brought me to a point where i can safely say a lawyer!!!

I recall filling up autograph diaries, slam books et all... and when the question came-"What do you think of love?" I once wrote -L-loss O-of V-valuable E-energy!!
Time has taught me that loving never makes one lose anything at all, it is something so beautiful that it shapes our lives in a way that one never feels alone in the world.

I've already mentioned him in one of my previous posts...yeah! Jojo...this friend of mine is almost ten years younger to me,yet has taught me a lot! I and my parents taught him to shake hands(read paws), jump over dicey cattle catchers on the road, bark at strangers and wait for 'the command' to eat food(khaaoww)!
He has taught me to believe in friendship, love, and eyes...
'Eyes'..well when there are no words spoken eyes do a lot of talking! Jojo has many moods and every mood is pictured in his eyes...My father says Jojo has taught him the meaning of 'a warm handshake'...A handshake which is true to the core.

I wish I could I could pour all thoughts in a jiffy but not now...its not possible.
Thats because I'm reminded of my Family law lecturer's words- "If you students do not read the chapter of muslim law along with the section 125 of the CrPC, and don't mention the landmark cases in the exam....You must die!!!!!"
This reminds me of the eleven schools I changed in my entire school life, and the teachers I mimicked, admired, loved, hated...also it reminds me that my semester exams are really near, I should be reading my law books!!

A few years down the line, God alone knows what sort of life I'll be leading, and how things turn out to be...only time will tell, so let it cast its spell...

Saturday, April 21, 2007


मैंने एक नया , निराला , निष्पक्ष -निर्माण देखा,
यह ब्लोग, जो अब तक अंग्रेजी से वाकिफ़ था , उसने अपनी देश भाषा का चेहरा देखा।

" कुछ तोह लिखो...!!" यह मन मेरा मुझसे कहे है ,
अब तक लोगों ने अंगेजी में सहा...अब हिंदी में सहेंगे।

दिल कि आशा को, यूं मैंने सत्य होता पाया॥
जादू कि तरह अंग्रेजी को हिंदी के रंग में ढलता पाया ...

मैं यहाँ कंप्यूटर के सामने अपनी आंखों को tikaye रखी हूँ ,
पर झारोखे से barkha कि बूंदों को baraste देख रहीं हूँ ।

उस खुले आकाश कि उन्चयिओं को nanhi बूँदें , छू रहीं हैं ,
मुझे अपना sathi banaane का वादा kar रहीं हैं...

panchien udd के आज़ादी को जान rahen हैं,
kaley badalon के samaksh अपनी udaan pehchan रहे हैं...

कुछ दो या चार shabd हैं जो यह कंप्यूटर भी नही समझ paataa।
सोच mein हूँ कि इतने सुन्दर shabd भी नहीं जानता?।

तोह fir चलते हैं ,
क्या hinglish में कविता का काम?

मगर धन्यवाद उनका जिन्होंने दिया is ब्लोग post को अंजाम ।

~ < Transliteration is yet not very efficient...but I loved writing this post! It took a great deal of patience for me to write it..and patience is what I'm still trying to make mine..>

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Home away from home...

Tears that failed to cease, feet that did'nt feel like crossing the crease,
Tears of goodbye were they, feet of a new girl in hostel were they...

Blurred , tearful vision, yet I waved to them,
stared at the stranded road, until I don't remember when...

How could I cry like a lost kid at school?
But, not many people were there to call me a fool...

A day passed, and so did a night,
And there were others, similar to me and my plight...

Some handshakes, a couple of looks exchanged,
A few ignores, but no glares...

It all began in the summer of 2005,
The time unforgettable-hostel life!

The room so quintessentially qualified,
for two students to live and study side by side...

But, friendships built were not by studies,
by jokes cracked that made roommates, buddies...

From girls -two to four, and four to nine,
we found ourselves mingled, in life's pantomime...

Nights of gossips and unchained chatter,
days however gruelling, did not matter...

Wakeful hours,in the sleepy night,
smothering hugs after every tiff or fight...

Rushing to go out ; out to treat,
treat not just tummies, but eyes on happening streets;)

Three mega times,came our way,
'exams' that the name?

In the rote of daily living, we're living a whole lifetime,
Just a few moments more, and into the world alone we'll strive...

Like school life, this phase far from the river banks of life ;will row...
But,its gifted me a "home away from home..."

Sunday, April 15, 2007


"I wish to keep it, PLEASE!! let me...
I shall be a responsible girl, I assure you; you'll see..."

And with these words of appeasement ,
I wondered if my father would nod to believe me...

There it was-the final nod,
and the world of an eleven year old, was all glee...

A new home , which it was not acquainted to,
Half a dozen hands to stroke and feed it too.

It blinked around gathering itself,
rolled over the carpet, to my amazement!

"What should I name him...this tiny puppy of mine?"
This little one- dark coat, soft paws, a tint of brown over its glinty eyes...

"perdy? No its a he!
Rambo? oh seems too violent to me!"

Something just struck and it was thought...
'Jojo' I named him, keeping it simple and short.

Over the years, Jojo grew up,
with me and my family as a part of us...

Friendly in times of felicity,
Fierce when in front of foe...

Faithful like no one else could ever be,
was and is my Jojo...

These lines I write, Jojo you cannot read,
yet I know.. all I feel...

I pine for the walks with you,
the little games we played all through...

The times when I dolled you up,
when you tore the curtains and Mum's rage would'nt stop!

Sitting here, miles away...
I reminiscence the good old days.

I wish you godspeed and a long life,
And thank you for being an unconditional friend till date...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An ode to women

She-who is born to bear life.
She who is nature's magnificent masqueraded might.

A woman; is she as tender as a blossoming flower,
as fierce as a lioness, indomitable to overpower...

The journey begun as a little daughter,
to the damsel so pretty in eyes of every other.

From the lover so shy, to the wife so coy,
to a mother so loving, a soul so intriguing ...

Her path of life, had hurdles manifold.
From the time as a toddler to a being so senile and old.

The peril of losing life before reaching any nearer,
the menace of being killed within the womb of her bearer.

The devil of this world tramples over her veil,
"the better half of man", who shall hail?

But wrecked; she won't be
she stands not lonely.

Revives the woman against the ruffians,
breaks free ,from shambles of destiny.

The time is hers, to emerge a winner.
The inferno in her soul, doesn't get dimmer.

It lights her torch of triumph,
and she rediscovers her long lost-self...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Cherishing the treasure of mine...

Away from the frenzied crowd, I plead the the wind to take me.
It gives me wings to fly, lets the moment embody in me...
While in flight, I look over the labyrinthine lanes,
the very same lanes, I walked on,when happy and when in pain...

I flutter to emulate the butterfly in my garden,
I wonder about its inherent beauty.
For that very juncture , I feel its charm,
within me...

I fly to the mountain, where I first touched snow,
and memories of yore,make me glow.
The pearly-pure freezing touch, makes my heart warm,
alluring me to the past, to reach its arms...

But wide- wakeful am I now,
no snow, no mountains, no firmament,no lanes...
and here I see, no wings to fly me far away...

It was a dream, yes it was...
A splendid one, of the time bygone...
I would cherish it as I cherish those times,
treasure it, just as a treasure of mine...
my childhood...a treasure of mine...

Monday, March 19, 2007

I'll wait...

"Come"; here i am,waiting since winter...
there's a sign on every cloud in the sky,
that silver lining which disappeared into oblivion...
is giving its glimpse to my eyes.

Its spring again, the birds are chirpy...
the leaves are green, not withering dry,
How I wish ,if only...
You could come, and let the melancholy in me die.

'Time'...feels as if has stood still...
the 'wait' seems an eternity,
How I wish that days pass,
in a second , and shower on my soul- -pity.

My heart knows I'll see you,
It beats with your love,
If absence makes it grow fonder,
I've no doubts it does...

Just a smile...

For days together, she peered over the cradle,
waiting with bated breath, for her flesh and blood,
for its first smile, just a smile...

An ailing soul, lay still and cold,
yet there is something-age old,
it works wonders, relieves pain,
thats a smile, just a smile...

It's stolen from a stranger and beamed at ones you love,
It's a miracle,how a stranger can teach you to love!
its nothing but a smile, just a smile...

But times are such, that smiles are faked,
laughter is duped, keeping trust at stake,
The true smile is hard to find,
the one that stands out bright,
Not just lurking around the lips,
but reaching eyes,
making it divine.

Its a smile...just a smile.