Wednesday, September 01, 2010

This too passed...

I was teary eyed in fear,
that all that I had was perfect here,
perfection of the days,minutes and seconds
moments, expressions and conversations sheer..

Days that were as if living a dream, minutes which passed like hours,
seconds measured in beats of the heart..
expressions captured in the mind, conversations woven close together as if in a rhyme..

Like a tale of another world where love remained the same,
just in a marvelous state, where there were no frowns,fights and spates,
And I kept asking myself as to why and how its so perfect,
and you would touch wood or cross fingers all the way..

Alas! the perfect moments gave away,
the dream, I woke up from,
The minutes, were back to sixty seconds,
conversations meant a phone call again...

And like every good thing that comes to an end,
this too passed..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On your 63(rd)...Motherland

Its your sixty three(sic), since the day we were free,
free of being ruled by another,
free of being a martyr in someone else's war,
free to call this land ours, you-ours..

Its your sixty three, since the day we were free,
free to call us one nation,
free to have an anthem to stand up to,
free to have a leader look up to...

But it pains me today, on your sixty three,
to see the the strong bonds of one nation weaken,
to see the belief of oneness shaken,
to see men,women and children of yours being killed by your own..

It pains me to see on your sixty three,
the leaders are no more worth looking up to,
the national anthem I just stand to at a cinema theatre and enjoy the rest that follows..

It pains me that on your sixty three,
children are taught in schools that vanish into thin air,
where their mid-day meals are eaten by vanishing devils,
and their clothes are sold to men of no conscience

It pains me that on your sixty three,
its tough finding an honest man in the higher rungs,
a contented farmer in the villages far flung,
a happy student in an educational set up just fit to learn,
a person who would feel without bribing one or another, work will be done.

It pains me that on your sixty three,
there are people still in the shackles of cast and creed
who kill their own blood in name of honour,
murder their own child,a loving son and a daughter.

You may call me a pessimist my motherland,
that on your sixty three,
I talk curt and talk of all negativity..
But, I cannot close my eyes to the glaring truth that stands so strong,
send an 'sms' saying happy independence day and forget about it all

You may call me a humbug,
one unable to share the joy of our people on your sixty three,
but freedom for me is when each one of your children is thankful to thee,
when each of them have no complaints and no revenges to take,from thee.

That would be truly the Independence Day for me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And they were such kids..falling for it

And they were such kids, falling for it,
falling in the sweet trap of the sweeter trip,
They not at all could, wipe off the silly smiles,
they had no idea what was wrong with their heart,their face and their sleepless nights..

And they were acting so grown up..yet so juvenile,
saying it, believing it... 'in love' , in a while
Not knowing what lay ahead, not bothering to be scared,
fearless and carefree, they tread their pathways..

And they thought they knew it all,
little did they wonder what happens after the big fall..
tiffs that turn into fights,
and the missed and hung up calls..

And they learnt with every step and hurdle,
what a pool of love it was with the small and big puddles..
they learnt from their mistakes and learnt from every tear that rolled,
the fear of being alone without the other, the love of not letting go..

And they thought, what people said mattered,
and sat down for love introspection,
Little did they know it was their belief that mattered,
nobody's justification..

Weeks and Months and Years went by,
their love was tested by time..
And all they did was look back and smile..
at the kids, the juveniles and the memorabilia for life..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do girls agree to this? and Do guys secretly admit to feeling the same??

So what's new on your mind girl?
So what's happening all around you?
Tell me about it your drink you sip..
Its time for GOSSIP!

'So and So' is up to this,
'so and so' is friendless,
That couple broke up and 'he' cheated on her..
Aww how life just flips!
Its time for GOSSIP!

My observation is true..the faces just glow,
with every piece of it, and its every drip..
Yup! its GOSSIP!!

You're unrelated, your life is not concerned with the news..
yet wonder why on hearing of something unheard..your tummy growls and u drool!!
Of course..its a GOSSIP ,not knowing it as if makes you a fool!!

Tel-a-woman is the mode, Gossip is the matter,
Information of who is the prude and who just turned fatter..
the constant entertainer, the feeling of know-it-all,
None other that GOSSIP afterall!! :P

Monday, February 22, 2010

The mortal soul be-fooled..

Our own mortal soul, be-fooled..
by our own thoughts and aspirations, shrouded in gloom..
Perfection so unattainable with the battle
of whether the mind or the heart is to rule..

A quiet soul often presumed to be taciturn,-
an amiable one being loquacious..
No matter how good you may be or pretend to be so,
what unfurls is all-the good, bad, ugly and worse

With the gift of the gab comes the loud mouth,
with pride comes the ego,
With patience comes laziness,
None of the vices the virtue can forego..

Acceptance of this human life's playful pert,
is what we can do first,
If life were to be in constant mirth..
what would be a smile, a tear, a kiss and a hug's worth?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

10.31pm 20th February 2010..A.I.L Mohali!!

Law on Arbitration keeps me busy,
I type away the seminar in my own lazy way..

Since morning,through noon,
until evening and night my study blues..

'Abba' playing on the lappy,
gtalk signed in for some break time chatting..

Sniff..sniff ..sniff.. nope me not crying,
Law is a passion and I'm not lying..

A second it takes me to leave my blanket's warmth,
and abandon the lappy I love..

Sniff sniff sniff..I go down the stairs..
I have a frown and a look that is -staring into thin air!

Sniff sniff sniff..nope I'm not love sick
I'm not love lorn..

Its something I and my mum share,
no not our resemblance or our stare..

Sniff sniff sniff..and I trace the haze..
until I find the trace..

Sniff sniff ..and I see it all,
a burnt cake, lots of smoke and sad faces of those who tried so hard.

The frown vanishes and we burst out laughing,
No idea how the shroud of smoke would vanish until the hostel comes out coughing!

I dedicate this poem to the too many lawyers who spoiled the broth
and to the doggy nose that Mum and I got!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes, one time..most of the times..

Sometimes I just want you to listen,but there are the same times when you wish to keep mum..Listen one can without saying a word,but hearing and listening would't be same for all..

Sometimes I wish I were with you,but those are the same times you want your time all alone..To be in the place as same as in one's thoughts,
wouldn't be possible for all..

One time you are there with me, in front of my eyes and in the same moment ,in my soul..
The other time you are far away, just like a story untold..

Most of the times you know when I'm happy and know it too that I'm melancholic in my own way..Funny it is that at times its true that you hurt me,but its when I don't want you to know and just for that , I pray..

To feel love and that too your love, there is a need to feel empty..
There is a need to taste some pain, a pinch of hurt... to win back love aplenty..

Monday, February 08, 2010

Winter rain

All huddled up ,fluffy cotton ball like, are some,
daring to challenge the cold breeze, standing against it are few..
Ashen firmament, falling auburn leaves, swaying trees; a spectacular view...
It came unannounced, it came without any prayer..Its 'winter rain'.

Perceived in many a way-surprising, welcoming and dismay..
Some await sunshine,
while others love the weather gods' play,
Its pitter patter unexpected, its painted everything silvery gray...Its 'winter rain'.

Some crouch into warm blankets,
stay indoors lest the cold would catch them in the fray..
While others would treat their taste buds,
with some hot tea, perhaps jalebies too on a tray...
After all, its a surprise visit once in a while by 'winter rain'.

Two ways to look at one thing..
poles apart are the thoughts,
Two different ways of feeling it,
yet it changes not...

How we mortals perceive as we wish,
see the same not as same,
Life and its times like dew, sometimes thunderous rain,
Wish everyone could welcome it all, like welcoming 'winter rain'...