Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finer pleasures of life..

Mornings-neither too cold nor too warm..just pleasant..just a September morning

Afternoons- those lazy afternoons when I'd love to just nap but would ultimately slip into slumber

Hug- A group hug..just mom dad and me

Hand shake- a warm soft paw within my palm..just Jojo

Leisure-sitting, reading a book,among hundreds of Larkspurs,Petunias, Sweet Williams and Dahlias..just so March

Crave-One bar..just one; of chocolate..and just mmmm..

Walk-Night, star studded..fallen leaves, and the clittering crickets..

Talk- For hours together..about anything under the sun and time just passes..

Sip- Coffee..and you let your heart out..just like that

Sit- On a bench,where you can aimlessly observe..just watch the crowd thinning or getting denser

Sleep- in mum's lap, no matter how grown up you may have become..just cherish it

Laugh- That hearty laughter and tears rolling out..just so priceless

Sing- Yes, its nice on the stage..but in the bathroom..just you and your echo..

Pride-When I see dad dorning the Olive Green..

Accomplishment- To cheer someone up..

Tears- just thinking of times bygone..happy times

Care- When someone knows just whats on your mind and in your heart..

Love- transcends into unfathomable depths and sky scraping heights..just so undefinable..

Smile- A resplendent something..that just lights up another smile..

And so many more of these finer pleasures of life..that we just don't notice everyday and these moments stay momentarily and pass...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

कभी ..

कभी तोह तुम आओगे , कभी तोह यह शाम अधूरी न लगेगी।
कभी तोह जी भर के बातें करेंगे , कभी तोह बंदिश टूटेगी।

दिन रात का ठिकाना न होगा , इंतज़ार का येही फल्सफ्हा होगा।
गर तुम साथ होगे, इस दुनिया से डर न होगा ।

इस राह पर जो हम चल पड़े , कुछ पल यादों में समेटे ओझल हो चलें ।
आँखें मूँद कर कल को दिल में समां लूँ , आने वाले हर दिन की शुरुवात अभी से सजा लूँ ।

इस छोटी सी ज़िन्दगी के इतने अरमान ,
बस इंतज़ार है की ख़त्म हो चाहत का इम्तिहान।

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This thing called 'love'

The day to celebrate love, is here..right here,
Love freely; say it; confess it..have no fear,

The fallen autumn leaves are no more there,
Its spring and the greenery spreads everywhere..

A shady tree, a cuppa coffee,
shopping spree, or sumptuous meals..

Every little thing about love, simple and sweet..
price charming and eternal goddess, is how they treat..

Long walks, arm in arm,
'blush'- as he looks into her eyes,
a' rush'- as their heart beats rise..

Its so magical, this thing called 'love',
Its easy and yet so tough...

Sweet poison some call it,
'elixir' of life, people agree..

What could be better, than knowing you're in love?
What could be worse, than staying so far apart?

What could be lovelier than knowing you're cared about?
What could be worse, than waiting to show it, and still...have days to count..