Friday, December 25, 2009

The little kid..

Its Christmas today!! The pre-NEW YEAR funtime! And referring to the previous post of mine..well it is the last christmas with college friends..Perhaps we'll meet later in life on some get together ..but the future is uncertain isn't it?
Anyways, I REALLY don't want to tug at the meloncholy strings as of now..
I discovered something today...
We have our last exam of the 9th semester tomorrow morning at 10!! The subject is not tough at all but still going out just when its time to revise and discuss the subject is a bit of a risk and quite a lot of "guilty- me" thoughts!! My friend Megha was dreading that her Dad would call and would be upset if he knew she was out eating before an exam(because he always taught her that no matter how easy the exam be, one must never go out just a day before an exam!)However, we all kept those books aside to celebrate Christmas in our own way.. Put on those jackets and coats..and in the cold winter evening set out for a walk to a coffee shop to enjoy cake on the special day!!
At the coffee shop were the usual Christmas decorations balloons et all.. My friend Deboo and other were tugging at them..and deboo slipped one into her bag too ( who shall wait for Santa to fulfill wishes!!??!!)... Megha attended her father's phone call and sheepishly smiled before admitting that the noise was of her friends who allegedly pulled her here because Christmas was more important than the exam in most respects!!

Coming back to two hours before our walk and coffee and cake... another friend of mine..Neha played a prank on a batchmate who had asked her to keep a watch on the two lone "gol-gappas" in her bowl during tea time..and well Neha the mischievous girl, told deboo that someone had said she did not want to have them so she could!! Deboo took no time to gobble one of them and Neha gobbled the other..In the meanwhile Minna came back..shocked to see the empty bowl!!

Now fast forward..backto coffee shop..after 'sharing and caring' as Deboo would put it..we all Megha,ME, Upi, Astha ,Vidhu,Sakshi, Neha and Deboo..shared our cakes n pastries..and started for get back to our law books...
And when we reached.. Deboo showed off the balloon to everyone with that ecstatic look of a wonderful possession she had!! Shrila took less than a minute to get at it and BOOM!! It burst!!
The look on Deboo's face..that of a offended child whose toy was just snatched away by a mean kid.. And now I recall the mischevios smile on Neha's face when she played a prank on Minna..And I remember the look on Megha's face when she answered her father's call..

Yes, I discovered the kid in all of us all over again...
So SANTA...This year preserve the kid in me and my loved ones because it brings a smile to our faces and happiness in our lives...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Change is tough..

About 4 and half years back as I joined law school.. the curriculum of 5years scared me! Could not imagine how it would all turn out...could not gauge how much time 10semesters would take! And now I look back and time just flew.. Yeah seems as if it passed quickly..but when I glance through pictures..I see the difference..Then I realise that at that time we used to use HI5 for social networking..and then orkut came by..finally facebook took over and is still reigning.. I started blogging..became dormant for a again..n back to snail's pace.. Something that stayed unaffected, unchanged was my circle of friends..
In this 'City Beautiful' we all wandered about..sipped coffees and ambled around as if nothing was holding us back...Today was just another of those days..but as our tenth semester is approaching, we'r all trying to fill ourselves up..up to the brim..with memories to carry.. Ask we get high after coffee with chocolate truffle..ask us how it is to fit in 6 people in those tiny autorickshaws( after giving the auto chap assurance that we're law students and will manage if there is a challan!!) Yeah once, 9 of us also managed travelling in that!!Ask us how yum maggi tastes when the soup concoction is tried with it at 2am!! Ask us about the innumerable window shopping sprees and the actual ones that lasted the whole day!! Ask us how it feels now if we start talking of first year..or the changes from 2005 to the end of this year.. Gosh! Its tough..this change.. This carefree part of life is coming to an end.. Apart from that, not meeting my friends..whom I barge into hundred times a going to be hard to cope up with..
Imagine..I even reconsidered puttin up make-up for the 5th Year Farewell in April (thinkin I would be crying at the end of what's the point!! heheh) Never studied in any school for more than 3 years..not even 3 I guess..So its funny leaving college after 5 years.. We've cursed it many times..cribbed a lot..but I love it..I love my friends and undoubtedly this has been the best time of my life that leaves an indelible impression of what we call friendship, fun, frolic, trust, love and care... Will miss this life all my life..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lets get back to our daze..

Living through it every moment,
without your voice, your face..the empty space.

Cutting through it every day,
the void, the haze that leaves its trace.

The change is here..its happening,
I thought I could deal with it but it is challenging.

My eyes well up even when I try hiding the tears,
I have no fear yet the emotions sear.

What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to be?
I want to stay in your embrace forever, I don't wanna be free.

So keep me close, keep me within your gaze,
Love me like always..set me free from this puzzling phase..lets get back to our daze...

Friday, October 09, 2009

freaked out!

We all read in the papers..we talk of it often..our dependance on the internet, on mobile phones.. Our incessant wish to check our email even when we are not sure of what so important would be there on our inbox!! I know of 'nomophobia'..the fear of being out of mobile phone contact but I don't know if my freaking out 5mins back was some sort of a phobia! I signed into password would not get accepted! I tried once,twice ,thrice..and I could feel my cheeks turn warm..maybe my eyes popped out..I don't even know what sort of a horrid facial expression I was giving! Then I tried signing into blogger..retyping each letter of my id..each letter of my FOURTEEN LETTER password!! God! How was that possible!! Someone hacked my acocunt..for a few seconds I think I just could not make myself to breathe... But then a tiny flash near d keyboard is what caught my attention! Yes, it was CAPSLOCK!!!

Agreed..I'd been ignoring my blog for ages..but God! this was not the most peaceful way of bringing me to write!!
Finally I'm at peace! No hackers please..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Memories etched forever..

With hope for adventure, with a smile of expectations,
the four of us tread our way, to a trip..though short,but unforgettable..

Bags packed, snacks stacked, we began our journey,
through state borders of Punjab, Himachal and Haryana...

The bus wound its way to the hillocks and hills,
it seemed all the same, untill we felt the slight chill...

Yes, we were drifting away from the rainless dry earth of the plains,
we were at 'Nahan', and as if under heavenly reigns...

The clear skies, patched with cotton white clouds,
The mountains, ever so dense;greenery an essence...

Four friends, four hours,
and there we were at 'dastar asthan'

We took a breath of fresh air,
Enjoyed the drizzle and the panorama of paonta sahib so clear...

Over the bridge, under which the Yamuna flows,
the road that links one end to Uttarakhand and the other to Himachal's rainbow...

From paonta sahib to herbertpur,
we looked around in awe, of the beauty surrounding us...

A warm welcome by a loving family,
no wonder our friend is so lovable, just as her folks...

a walk around the countryside,
sneak peek into the old lanes running side by side...

Then came 15th August, the day freedom is to be felt..
Did we not feel it through and through with a tinge of pride,

Looking at the gen-next..little school girls and boys?
They sang, they danced..
they recited poems from the glorious past,
we realised these were the days one is nurtured from our country's clay to a cast..

Off we were amongst the mountains of Mussourie
Stolen into some fairy world,

Alas..something earthly followed us..
yeah it was the abominable 'traffic jam' a swirl!

Nothing stopped our spirits to reach the destined destination..
There we were after walking uphill, 2kms and a feel the slight tingle and chill..

All that was to be seen were the green mountains and the clouds cloaking the valleys,
the market was pretty much Delhi,Nanital, Mumbai..

Taste buds woke up to the good ol' 'Bhutta'
And before we knew we were walking through clouds..!

The sun went down behind the hills,
and our hearts sank as we were home bound..

Back to Vikasnagar was still full of hope,
because the fresh air, we were sure to breathe..

When time came to go back to 'City Beautiful'
all we did was sigh...

We knew we'd miss all those wonderful moments with friends ...all our lives

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Valuable assets passed on..

The entire 8th semester wrapped up in a single whooosh.... the graduation party( we'r done with the B.A, out of the B.A,LL.B!!) and the farewell to seniors( which was surrounded by lots of drama and controversy) were enjoyed at the end of the day.. Another very important agenda of the 8th semester was the RESULT of the dreaded 7th Semester.. but in record breaking incident, we'r at the threshhold of giving our exams and the previous result isn't out yet!! So, now that exams got really near and we finally decided to buy books and xerox the necessary material.. I got some notes photostated for the subject called Business Law since it was a mixture of so many statutes that i deferred buying separate books! Obviously, I did not even touch them until the preparatory leave arrived and that when I discovered something..

As I started reading the notes..something related to government securities..bonds et al.. the impressions from the past came alive.. I read a name, my immediate senior's name( ya its her notes most of us have copied)..but at another place was another name..of a senior of a senior( super senior).. so you see how notes are passed as valuable assets!! Then I stepped upon something written on top of the paper..some senior of mine in his/her utter frustration had written the following couplets- "Chameli ek saloni hai...saloni ladki hai yeh Chameli".. !!!!!

I grinned..and moved on and after a few more pages..I read the following

10 roses

Card( via speed post)

a pack of fererro rochers

Bouquet of flowers

"Not bad..not bad..wah ji wah"

And I smiled this time..and moved on with my chapter..

Later i discovered a senior's name wit ha prefix to it "Lietenant" ..It dawned on me that he was no more. Felt ackward. How much he would have loved to have that prefix to his name, the pride of writing one's rank next to one's name cannot be imagined.. but he could never realise that dream.

At that I must have taken a long break from my reading.. Business law was no more on my thoughts.. Just some pages..not original..photocopied over these years, given to juniors again and again said little things.. About someone challenging one's grey cells to some nonsense rhymes, and some one appreciating a lover's effort to woo his girl...and about someone who was stuck up in the law course and was dreaming of holding a rifle!!

Notes are not just to read, pass the exam and throw away.. when you give it to your juniors with your share of scribbles and scraps, you're passing a new phase and beginning some one's beginning..

As i bid adieu to the 8th semester.. I made it a point to do my share of scribbling and smiled..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finer pleasures of life..

Mornings-neither too cold nor too warm..just pleasant..just a September morning

Afternoons- those lazy afternoons when I'd love to just nap but would ultimately slip into slumber

Hug- A group hug..just mom dad and me

Hand shake- a warm soft paw within my palm..just Jojo

Leisure-sitting, reading a book,among hundreds of Larkspurs,Petunias, Sweet Williams and Dahlias..just so March

Crave-One bar..just one; of chocolate..and just mmmm..

Walk-Night, star studded..fallen leaves, and the clittering crickets..

Talk- For hours together..about anything under the sun and time just passes..

Sip- Coffee..and you let your heart out..just like that

Sit- On a bench,where you can aimlessly observe..just watch the crowd thinning or getting denser

Sleep- in mum's lap, no matter how grown up you may have become..just cherish it

Laugh- That hearty laughter and tears rolling out..just so priceless

Sing- Yes, its nice on the stage..but in the bathroom..just you and your echo..

Pride-When I see dad dorning the Olive Green..

Accomplishment- To cheer someone up..

Tears- just thinking of times bygone..happy times

Care- When someone knows just whats on your mind and in your heart..

Love- transcends into unfathomable depths and sky scraping heights..just so undefinable..

Smile- A resplendent something..that just lights up another smile..

And so many more of these finer pleasures of life..that we just don't notice everyday and these moments stay momentarily and pass...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

कभी ..

कभी तोह तुम आओगे , कभी तोह यह शाम अधूरी न लगेगी।
कभी तोह जी भर के बातें करेंगे , कभी तोह बंदिश टूटेगी।

दिन रात का ठिकाना न होगा , इंतज़ार का येही फल्सफ्हा होगा।
गर तुम साथ होगे, इस दुनिया से डर न होगा ।

इस राह पर जो हम चल पड़े , कुछ पल यादों में समेटे ओझल हो चलें ।
आँखें मूँद कर कल को दिल में समां लूँ , आने वाले हर दिन की शुरुवात अभी से सजा लूँ ।

इस छोटी सी ज़िन्दगी के इतने अरमान ,
बस इंतज़ार है की ख़त्म हो चाहत का इम्तिहान।

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This thing called 'love'

The day to celebrate love, is here..right here,
Love freely; say it; confess it..have no fear,

The fallen autumn leaves are no more there,
Its spring and the greenery spreads everywhere..

A shady tree, a cuppa coffee,
shopping spree, or sumptuous meals..

Every little thing about love, simple and sweet..
price charming and eternal goddess, is how they treat..

Long walks, arm in arm,
'blush'- as he looks into her eyes,
a' rush'- as their heart beats rise..

Its so magical, this thing called 'love',
Its easy and yet so tough...

Sweet poison some call it,
'elixir' of life, people agree..

What could be better, than knowing you're in love?
What could be worse, than staying so far apart?

What could be lovelier than knowing you're cared about?
What could be worse, than waiting to show it, and still...have days to count..