Sunday, August 15, 2010

On your 63(rd)...Motherland

Its your sixty three(sic), since the day we were free,
free of being ruled by another,
free of being a martyr in someone else's war,
free to call this land ours, you-ours..

Its your sixty three, since the day we were free,
free to call us one nation,
free to have an anthem to stand up to,
free to have a leader look up to...

But it pains me today, on your sixty three,
to see the the strong bonds of one nation weaken,
to see the belief of oneness shaken,
to see men,women and children of yours being killed by your own..

It pains me to see on your sixty three,
the leaders are no more worth looking up to,
the national anthem I just stand to at a cinema theatre and enjoy the rest that follows..

It pains me that on your sixty three,
children are taught in schools that vanish into thin air,
where their mid-day meals are eaten by vanishing devils,
and their clothes are sold to men of no conscience

It pains me that on your sixty three,
its tough finding an honest man in the higher rungs,
a contented farmer in the villages far flung,
a happy student in an educational set up just fit to learn,
a person who would feel without bribing one or another, work will be done.

It pains me that on your sixty three,
there are people still in the shackles of cast and creed
who kill their own blood in name of honour,
murder their own child,a loving son and a daughter.

You may call me a pessimist my motherland,
that on your sixty three,
I talk curt and talk of all negativity..
But, I cannot close my eyes to the glaring truth that stands so strong,
send an 'sms' saying happy independence day and forget about it all

You may call me a humbug,
one unable to share the joy of our people on your sixty three,
but freedom for me is when each one of your children is thankful to thee,
when each of them have no complaints and no revenges to take,from thee.

That would be truly the Independence Day for me.