Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The poetess in me in 1999…

Today morning, my father discovered a pile of old memories, while settling his huge box of books and documents.
And in a file kept meticulously, by my perfectionist dad, I found two scraps of newspaper cuttings…The content, made me giggle. Please read on..

Flower, oh dear flower
You are nature’s power
You attract everyone, every hour.

You are fixed at a place,
You can’t win a race
Yet, you’re the garden’s grace.

It may be plain or hilly,
There’s rose, lotus and lily
All this cannot be done
By a magician’s ‘gilly gilly’!!

-Snigdha Ghosal
Std 6th, Army School Damana, Jammu
(from, ‘Bratline’-Poet’s corner’ the Indian Express, Jammu)

“Gilly gilly” made me giggle!! I wonder how unequivocally I expressed my admiration for a flower, and how much I must have pondered to get the right word to rhyme with ‘lily’!! Alas, I had to stick to my imagination as a kid, and venture out into fairy land, and think of a sorcerer!

Here’s another poem written in the same year, when ‘The Infanteer’s Daughter’ in me rose to pen down my feelings about The war of Kargil. I tried my best to put in all that, what I learnt from my father and felt from my mother in the few lines I was writing ..
So here’s it..

On The Kargil Hill

On the Kargil hill,
The soldiers are fighting still
They fought at the beginning,
And they still will

When the night is just falling,
They start their patrolling
Facing the harsh shelling..
On the Kargil hill,
the soldiers are fighting still.
They climb great heights,
During the chilly nights,
Without any torch lights
For that can’t be missed by
The enemy’s sight..
On the Kargil hill,
The soldiers are fighting still.

Their fingers running on the trigger,
To kill the militants sitting in the bunker
Which makes the enemy quiver..
On the Kargil hill,
The soldiers are fighting still…

Army School Damana
(from, ‘Bratline’-Poet’s corner’ the Indian Express, Jammu)