Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Crime" and punishment????

The first line I read this morning moved me-6-yr-old Delhi girl shamed in class.
This year itself there were cases of little children beaten-'beaten to death'!
Physical or mental the pain is unbearable. To be stripped off ones clothing, and hearing the echoes of "shame shame"would damage one's mental balance. It is horrifying, that how a girl/woman of 19(the kindergarten teacher) could be so monstrous!

LAW is inherent in human beings. The idea of command rests in each individual who has power. But I ask where does human reason go, when one exercises power? What can drive a woman to punish a child by bringing her to shame, for a mere incomplete homework?
Where does the rule of natural justice go? Who gets a fair hearing? Are these concepts only to be found in books, kept in the shroud of ignorance?

The liable school maybe under scrutiny for letting just a 12th grade pass student be a teacher for kindergarten..but its not an excuse! It disgusts me that the woman was released on bail!
Whether 12th pass or BA,BEd, more so a double M.A-The monster is taking over souls...

A teacher, who is thought to be a beacon for a student in the darkness is fading into oblivion..the 'barbaric and savage being' is coming alive.
We need to get over it, sooner than it gets late!

Here I write some random lines for the teacher who I wish remains a teacher..

Could be anything,dear teacher,
she/he must be sleepy,
must be watching his/her favorite cartoon on t.v,

must be busy playing with his/her toys and dolls,
or climbing the berry tree in the garden which stands tall.

Just another chance to do his/her homework you 'must' give,
I urge you to live and let live..

Where the mind is without fear, the head is held high,
Do these lines remind you 'only' of the school assembly?( I Sigh...)

Remember yourself as a child,
and search yourself in the ones you teach,

Ask yourself a question-
Are you indulging in a breach?

A breach of childhood, a breach of love and care,
A breach of trust and a breach of being fair..

Think dear teacher, please do,
the only person who can make a difference is you!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Evening 7PM, 5th September 2007- I'm in a rush..Two hours to go. Pack!!! Pack up, no not for a weekend get away, a competition!!

deAd TiRed!!!

I realise I need to put cash in my bag.OK done.

Now what?! Oh yes 'change', the oh so important "chhuttta", for my cuppa tea and coffee in the train journey~!!

I lay my hands on any purse I can see in the almirah, shove my hand into pockets and pouches..and discover a few memories, a few blessings and tears roll down my eyes...

I discovered a few 'cardamom pods'.Those cardamom pods which my mum invariably slips into her purse before leaving for work...And this little purse I lent her last vacation, was lucky to keep some..

A long journey was awaiting me and my team, and here I was missing home with the pungent taste of "chotie elaichi" on my tongue..

Evening 10 PM 9th September 2007- I'm glad with the team's performance.

My team mate won the best advocate..She says I'm lucky for her, I think Mamma's "chotie elaichi blessings" worked..
It is funny isn't it, how little things in life carry memories? How small gestures and habits build a bond and touch your soul..

Monday, September 03, 2007

Reaching out to eves...

A whistle, something which could soothe your nerves,

could actually get on the same!

A song, a love song, for a deeply loved one,

could turn you pale!

A touch, something so pure and intimate,

could tear your self esteem to shreds!

A shadow, following you in a laybrinthine lane,

could not be a beautiful stranger, but a horrid one!

Stay cautious,beware.

Be alert, and dare...

And to all the eve teasers- "Ghar mein maa behen nahin hai kya???!!"

Sunday, September 02, 2007

'Pamper Sunday'

Eyes not ready to wake.

Heartbeats for my dreams,still at stake.

I gather my spirit to amble around,

Oh is there something special I found?

A look from the porch, I need not take,

Its drizzle, I know its pleasing smell..

A fine morning, with music so fine to fill my ears,

pitter patter, droplets, bring heaven near...

The mirror looks at me, and I stand still,

"Its sunday morning, pamper yourself !"

I indulge, I pamper, I dandle.

I care, nothing to spare.

A week of scurry, hurry, worry,

is to a close,

But every end, begins a new show..

My leisure Sunday, My pamper Sunday..

Is slowly passing by..

But I'll wait a hundred and forty four hours,

to meet it again!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Often I've come across certain e-mails, forwarded by friends and acquiantances.
The subject reads-'Please Please spare 5minutes,do not it,fwd it'...and I read on..
The mail talks of a loving dad who lost his teenage daughter because some person ran over a car her. The driver was drunk.
There was a plea in the end,asking people to spread awareness about drunken driving,and its fatal consequences.
I am a it never affected me as much as a mishap has affected me today.

Can't call him a friend, can't say he was an acquantaince. A senior is all I can think of, to describe my association with him.
Never had a conversation with him, or maybe yes if you consider "Goodmorning sir" and the other pleasantries one has to convey in the first year of college as conversation.

He was just another guy,hanging out near the cafe, or playing 'Age of Empires' (the most loved LAN game in college).
I could gauge that he is a caring and loyal friend, as he brought a smile on a friend's face,when her life was in shambles. A person adored by many and no denying,loved too.

'Alcohol' coupled with a 'mean machine' snatched him away. A light hearted, high night,became dreadful.
He moved away from his aspirations and achievements, from his loved ones and friends.
Why? Why does anybody take life for granted? Why does one never realise the worth of being in this world? Why does one have to be thrilled by speed? What experiment is it to be inebriated, and drive ? Who is to be blamed? fate? Alcohol? Motorbike? Or one's own conscience? Or each of these?
I have a million questions,unanswered.

I can only pray for him, and all who loved him..
I can only plead for people to handle life with care.

'Akash sir,May your soul rest in peace'