Monday, September 03, 2007

Reaching out to eves...

A whistle, something which could soothe your nerves,

could actually get on the same!

A song, a love song, for a deeply loved one,

could turn you pale!

A touch, something so pure and intimate,

could tear your self esteem to shreds!

A shadow, following you in a laybrinthine lane,

could not be a beautiful stranger, but a horrid one!

Stay cautious,beware.

Be alert, and dare...

And to all the eve teasers- "Ghar mein maa behen nahin hai kya???!!"


PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

its amazing-ur stretch of imagination.
i can never write a poem on leching.

oh , by the by, its nice to see u back on blogger.

snigdha said...

hey thanks!!
yeah imagination stretches to things around me.yours'travels right into one's soul!

arnav said...

Hey this post is both nice n sad, sad coz of d reality that exists around us, yet when the time comes 2 act, we turn deaf n blind..

snigdha said...

thanks for readin my blog:)
n thanks for judging this post from a deeper perspective

aradhana said...

a highly innovative idea...i must say....
dere goes r darin snigy:)
yes....this problem indeed needs an intricate contemplation....but more than rquires an active action.....

snigdha said...

hey..i agree wid u, but do u think we need law to do the needful or do we need to take law into our hands to take an active action?

aradhana said...

hmmm LAW....i wish i could do the needful...t lamentingly it does not:(
the crying need of the hour is to take an acive thought might sound quite radical...but the problem too grevious to be left at the mercy of law!!!