Saturday, September 01, 2007


Often I've come across certain e-mails, forwarded by friends and acquiantances.
The subject reads-'Please Please spare 5minutes,do not it,fwd it'...and I read on..
The mail talks of a loving dad who lost his teenage daughter because some person ran over a car her. The driver was drunk.
There was a plea in the end,asking people to spread awareness about drunken driving,and its fatal consequences.
I am a it never affected me as much as a mishap has affected me today.

Can't call him a friend, can't say he was an acquantaince. A senior is all I can think of, to describe my association with him.
Never had a conversation with him, or maybe yes if you consider "Goodmorning sir" and the other pleasantries one has to convey in the first year of college as conversation.

He was just another guy,hanging out near the cafe, or playing 'Age of Empires' (the most loved LAN game in college).
I could gauge that he is a caring and loyal friend, as he brought a smile on a friend's face,when her life was in shambles. A person adored by many and no denying,loved too.

'Alcohol' coupled with a 'mean machine' snatched him away. A light hearted, high night,became dreadful.
He moved away from his aspirations and achievements, from his loved ones and friends.
Why? Why does anybody take life for granted? Why does one never realise the worth of being in this world? Why does one have to be thrilled by speed? What experiment is it to be inebriated, and drive ? Who is to be blamed? fate? Alcohol? Motorbike? Or one's own conscience? Or each of these?
I have a million questions,unanswered.

I can only pray for him, and all who loved him..
I can only plead for people to handle life with care.

'Akash sir,May your soul rest in peace'


shreya said...

i do agree with you...there are little things that turn out be big later..and we say"i give a damn"..sometimes we have such encounters with unexpected and bizzare things that leave us with one thing on our lips ,"we have seen what others have not"....we keep filing in slam books and spread trough sms' cliche as it may sound..but life is not be lived in these frivolous ways.good job snigy..

pankajunk said...

many youngers are suseptible to this. recklessness on the road, even when not drunk.