Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life is a game...

When you hit a yellow dot ball continously on the squash court wall for about 2- 4mins(warm up) , the hollow rubber sphere bounces with life!! Gets hit umpteen number of times,yet bounces back and forth.. It brings a zeal into the game and the players begin" love- all"..

Love and friendship, I've noticed work like the dynamics of the game of squash!
I've seen it closely..the misunderstandings are like hitting against a wall...and the outcome of it is more warmth, greater energy nad zeal in the relationship! I've experienced it-first hand!

Life is a u agree?


Kalyan said...

"Love and friendship work like the dynamics of the game of squash".

Great line, I must say. Gives me food for thought.

Kalyan said...

Your blog doesnt allow non-blogger comments. Please have a look if its not deliberate. You are missing a lot of comments, perhaps.

Amit said...

Well you have linked the squash game with life in a way which looks very simple.
I do agree with you on the openinon that life is truely a game played by factors like time, stars etc.
I have also faced these kind of obstacles which life have shown me in my path but every one should overcome these obstacles and move ahead in life. I remember one line said by a great actor Mr. Raj Kapoor

"The Show Must Go On..."

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Thanks in advance.

Soham Das said...
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Soham Das said...

But it makes me think what the ball will be thinking...

"Oh God, Not again.. Ouch that hurts you git... not so hard..."

The Soul and The Witness

The Gamer said...

cudn't have agreed more than ne1.

blaze111 said...

We win and lose in life... just like in a game.. but the losses in life aren't shrugged off that easily..