Sunday, October 14, 2007

Once upon a Deal...

"1..2.....3 GO!!"
says BIG Bro Bush,
"Wow!! what a race;" makes Manmohan खुश ।

It a deal!! yep a deal,
Oh पाजी , A New- clear deal!!

Its special, its cool,
agree on it, don't be a fool!

Chit and chat;
but don't put it off the rack!

We're friends, we'll be so forever,
Just this one condition; c'mon brother!

"OK, I'll ask, I'll discuss the deal..
I need to keep people at home happy, you see?"

There's Mr. Karat, and Pranab Da,
Several others..I gotta go real far!

We'll set the deal ablaze,
vow for creating energy..

We'll turn it out,
into a great synergy!!

........objections.....! there are many,
only time will tell, after withstanding all political zany!!

1 comment:

aradhana said...

dat s really hilarious...
i wish Bush cud read this..!!!:)lol
an excellent comic enriched rhyme...
people...snigy always comes up with something really creative...something which leaves an indelible mark on the readers and her fans....
waiting for the next surprise!!hehe:)