Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lets get back to our daze..

Living through it every moment,
without your voice, your face..the empty space.

Cutting through it every day,
the void, the haze that leaves its trace.

The change is here..its happening,
I thought I could deal with it but it is challenging.

My eyes well up even when I try hiding the tears,
I have no fear yet the emotions sear.

What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to be?
I want to stay in your embrace forever, I don't wanna be free.

So keep me close, keep me within your gaze,
Love me like always..set me free from this puzzling phase..lets get back to our daze...

Friday, October 09, 2009

freaked out!

We all read in the papers..we talk of it often..our dependance on the internet, on mobile phones.. Our incessant wish to check our email even when we are not sure of what so important would be there on our inbox!! I know of 'nomophobia'..the fear of being out of mobile phone contact but I don't know if my freaking out 5mins back was some sort of a phobia! I signed into password would not get accepted! I tried once,twice ,thrice..and I could feel my cheeks turn warm..maybe my eyes popped out..I don't even know what sort of a horrid facial expression I was giving! Then I tried signing into blogger..retyping each letter of my id..each letter of my FOURTEEN LETTER password!! God! How was that possible!! Someone hacked my acocunt..for a few seconds I think I just could not make myself to breathe... But then a tiny flash near d keyboard is what caught my attention! Yes, it was CAPSLOCK!!!

Agreed..I'd been ignoring my blog for ages..but God! this was not the most peaceful way of bringing me to write!!
Finally I'm at peace! No hackers please..