Wednesday, September 01, 2010

This too passed...

I was teary eyed in fear,
that all that I had was perfect here,
perfection of the days,minutes and seconds
moments, expressions and conversations sheer..

Days that were as if living a dream, minutes which passed like hours,
seconds measured in beats of the heart..
expressions captured in the mind, conversations woven close together as if in a rhyme..

Like a tale of another world where love remained the same,
just in a marvelous state, where there were no frowns,fights and spates,
And I kept asking myself as to why and how its so perfect,
and you would touch wood or cross fingers all the way..

Alas! the perfect moments gave away,
the dream, I woke up from,
The minutes, were back to sixty seconds,
conversations meant a phone call again...

And like every good thing that comes to an end,
this too passed..