Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And they were such kids..falling for it

And they were such kids, falling for it,
falling in the sweet trap of the sweeter trip,
They not at all could, wipe off the silly smiles,
they had no idea what was wrong with their heart,their face and their sleepless nights..

And they were acting so grown up..yet so juvenile,
saying it, believing it... 'in love' , in a while
Not knowing what lay ahead, not bothering to be scared,
fearless and carefree, they tread their pathways..

And they thought they knew it all,
little did they wonder what happens after the big fall..
tiffs that turn into fights,
and the missed and hung up calls..

And they learnt with every step and hurdle,
what a pool of love it was with the small and big puddles..
they learnt from their mistakes and learnt from every tear that rolled,
the fear of being alone without the other, the love of not letting go..

And they thought, what people said mattered,
and sat down for love introspection,
Little did they know it was their belief that mattered,
nobody's justification..

Weeks and Months and Years went by,
their love was tested by time..
And all they did was look back and smile..
at the kids, the juveniles and the memorabilia for life..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do girls agree to this? and Do guys secretly admit to feeling the same??

So what's new on your mind girl?
So what's happening all around you?
Tell me about it your drink you sip..
Its time for GOSSIP!

'So and So' is up to this,
'so and so' is friendless,
That couple broke up and 'he' cheated on her..
Aww how life just flips!
Its time for GOSSIP!

My observation is true..the faces just glow,
with every piece of it, and its every drip..
Yup! its GOSSIP!!

You're unrelated, your life is not concerned with the news..
yet wonder why on hearing of something unheard..your tummy growls and u drool!!
Of course..its a GOSSIP ,not knowing it as if makes you a fool!!

Tel-a-woman is the mode, Gossip is the matter,
Information of who is the prude and who just turned fatter..
the constant entertainer, the feeling of know-it-all,
None other that GOSSIP afterall!! :P