Saturday, June 15, 2013


First of my memory traces..
wrapped in warm embraces,
because you had come back to me my Baba
because war little kid's heart was pleased Baba

I grew up, you toughened me,
I grew up you  shielded me,
I grew up,you scolded me
I grew up,you moulded me
you loved grew...

Scaling tiny summits with you,
would be my everest
running to keep pace with you,
were my days best.

The soul in your letters,
nestled in my heart..
Miles away from me and mom
yet not apart...

You gave me away in wedding I know..
in style that too
but I know one thing for sure..
I may be grey haired and wrinkled but shall remain a daddy's girl true!

I love you Baba

Saturday, April 13, 2013

City of joy 1419-1420

I cannot believe that my last blog post was a year back...
Landed at the city of joy in April 2012...and a year just passed in a jiffy!
 I wanted to blog..wanted to write..wanted to share..but time was scarce...
SO! April 2012-2013 summed up!

1st April..fools day? No I am serious,I'm arriving today!
2nd April,a day at work..a new old folks!

Bengali New Year..ushering year 1419,
New turn to relationships

Come'May'and 'may be' wasn't an option..
Off I Went to Darjeeling..almost the last holiday as a maiden

June July...left me and the city minus the joy
The summer heat and work life balance playing its own ploy..

Come August...and discoveries galore
twists and turns unfurl..
There is big fat wedding and more...

'S' stands for September 
so it does for shopping..
winding through shops and going mall hopping

Oh OH OCTOBER Durga Puja is here
Good over bad is what you hear..
the colour of festive spirit painting me in all hues
time for spreading love..trying for truce

November 2012! the biggie!
I finally tie the boyfriend turns hubby!
long distances cut short!

Kingdom of Bhutan welcomes us newly weds
no matter now much beauty I describe..something shall remain unsaid

December is the time of the winter baby in me..
time for birthday and Christmas!
Though the fun dampend a bit for a sickness

Care and love nurtured me to move to the new year fresh!
Jan Feb March just slipped away
troughs and crests...

April is here yet again..1420 begins..
I pray for well being of all I love
and let there not be a day at all dim..