Saturday, June 15, 2013


First of my memory traces..
wrapped in warm embraces,
because you had come back to me my Baba
because war little kid's heart was pleased Baba

I grew up, you toughened me,
I grew up you  shielded me,
I grew up,you scolded me
I grew up,you moulded me
you loved grew...

Scaling tiny summits with you,
would be my everest
running to keep pace with you,
were my days best.

The soul in your letters,
nestled in my heart..
Miles away from me and mom
yet not apart...

You gave me away in wedding I know..
in style that too
but I know one thing for sure..
I may be grey haired and wrinkled but shall remain a daddy's girl true!

I love you Baba