Monday, May 05, 2014

The TOILette Etiquette!

Heard a lot..of people reading their daily dose of news on the commode..Also, heard of Eureka & Archimedes in the bath tub. Heard the usual shy amateur singers let out a sigh and say..I'm just a 'bathroom singer'. So much of our lives revolve around the loo, isn't all of it true?
Well, here is a post, some will find weird to the core, but guys you shall agree I'm sure..That a bad day in the washroom does change the course of the day. Empty bowels so give us a kick start to juggle from the thunder box to the board rooms!!

Well, by now the reader is thinking, why the etiquette in a place of complete solace? What on earth would a person do alone practicing any sort of etiquette?? So here it goes...

Just the other day, a lazy sunday afternoon...and my self pamper at its hilt, with a bath that lasts longer than the weekdays', I began singing... the song "तुम ही हो " by the popular singer Arijit Singh from the bollywood movie Aashiqui2

If I may boast, I am a decently good singer and I sing with my heart and soul in the loo. The echo enchants me and adds an aura to the voice, that I feel a microphone seldom provides...
So, I sang the song the best that I could, and just as I was about to move to the next stanza, I was stunned as I realised the solo had transcended the boundaries of the bathrooms,windows,ventilators and even the floors to become a duet!!!!! Stunned was I at the audacity to complete my song..YES! A stranger had intruded my singing space with bad toilet etiquette ! 

Though I'd be honest, the stranger too is a good singer; but this one incident has quite taken away my favorite singing space away from me... :(