Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Music : The time machine

A usual day at work, then at home ..lazy evening ,with instant noodles and some TV.. Bored.. switch to some music!
Unlike my guy who would be lazy all the time but not when it comes to explore new music..he would search out street sounds and new kids on the block..He ain't around so I play on..the most played..listen to a couple of songs which have stuck on to my soul since eternity...
The playlist moves from Carpenters to Nirvana.. and then a song by The Scorpions plays -Still Loving You...and I'm no more in my more in this home we set up
together. . I rush back 11 years a moment when he gifted me something.. an audio cassette -The Scorpions Gold. It was the first gift he gave me.. no occasion. .just a meeting as well as a parting gift..for we met for a record three hours not knowing when the next few hours will be. Until then, listen to songs he loved and perhaps thought I would too. As he gifted me the casette which belonged to him, I said I was touched he shared his favorite music with me (parting with an audio casette was still a big thing then).
And there he was at his best...replying with a wink.."Oh no, I plan to buy a CD of the same album,hence passing the casette on to you!" We laughed.. fell a little more in love..

The song ended.. I'm back to my room in 2016..smiling..then writing this post..