Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Crime" and punishment????

The first line I read this morning moved me-6-yr-old Delhi girl shamed in class.
This year itself there were cases of little children beaten-'beaten to death'!
Physical or mental the pain is unbearable. To be stripped off ones clothing, and hearing the echoes of "shame shame"would damage one's mental balance. It is horrifying, that how a girl/woman of 19(the kindergarten teacher) could be so monstrous!

LAW is inherent in human beings. The idea of command rests in each individual who has power. But I ask where does human reason go, when one exercises power? What can drive a woman to punish a child by bringing her to shame, for a mere incomplete homework?
Where does the rule of natural justice go? Who gets a fair hearing? Are these concepts only to be found in books, kept in the shroud of ignorance?

The liable school maybe under scrutiny for letting just a 12th grade pass student be a teacher for kindergarten..but its not an excuse! It disgusts me that the woman was released on bail!
Whether 12th pass or BA,BEd, more so a double M.A-The monster is taking over souls...

A teacher, who is thought to be a beacon for a student in the darkness is fading into oblivion..the 'barbaric and savage being' is coming alive.
We need to get over it, sooner than it gets late!

Here I write some random lines for the teacher who I wish remains a teacher..

Could be anything,dear teacher,
she/he must be sleepy,
must be watching his/her favorite cartoon on t.v,

must be busy playing with his/her toys and dolls,
or climbing the berry tree in the garden which stands tall.

Just another chance to do his/her homework you 'must' give,
I urge you to live and let live..

Where the mind is without fear, the head is held high,
Do these lines remind you 'only' of the school assembly?( I Sigh...)

Remember yourself as a child,
and search yourself in the ones you teach,

Ask yourself a question-
Are you indulging in a breach?

A breach of childhood, a breach of love and care,
A breach of trust and a breach of being fair..

Think dear teacher, please do,
the only person who can make a difference is you!


deboo said...

well u hve reminded of of times whn i used to b shit scared in de class of ma teachers.. thy were mre of a image of a monster as u described to me thn a source of inspiration or even learnin to me...
i do accept de fact tht kids at times need to b dealt wth strictnes,,,, bt tht tht does nt cum frm humilatin thm ....
every child has insecurity in thm.. n tht has to b taken into consideration
n at de end... akk students r jst kids.. n r meant to do mistke.. adults r nt perfect thn hw cn a child.. be
i appreciate ur pt of concern..

snigdha said...


hey..thanx for readin dis post.
I feel i forgotto add one thing..a vote of thaks to those teachers(who are NOT monsters!!) i hope dis post s not misconstred...

hanks for sharing your opinion.

snigdha said...


hey..thanx for readin dis post.
I feel i forgot to add one thing..a vote of thanks to those teachers(who are NOT monsters!!) i hope dis post s not misconstrued...

thanks for sharing your opinion.

Sun Sep 30, 04:09:00 AM 2007

arnav said...

Such incidents of teachers harassing students on trivial issues are becoming more frequent by the day. And if the incident is serious, then it leaves a mark in the mind of the student forever, and at such an impressionable age, these incidents can be very dangerous, may even lead to suicides. It is incidents like these which makes us ask, where has humanity disappeared?

snigdha said...

Yes, even I questioned myself bout disappearace of humanity..

n do rate my post s ok,fair or gud..nxt time..
(not really fishing for compliments);)

KS said...

Ok..what about parents using violence? Street violence being glorified?
Think of spare the rod and spoil the child.
My take on this is that - the issue of disciplining a child is far more complicated than one can imagine. I have seen cases in which barring the use of corporal punishment, nothing wouldve worked.

So - not only is it a case to case basis, it is also a big freaking grey area. The psychology of all the parties involved, the dynamics of the situation and of course the upbringing of all involved, the mentality and so on.. one could go on writing pages and yet arrive at nothing.

Well written!!!


snigdha said...

@ K..
Hey..nice to c u bak on my blog!
Thankyou for readin dis post..
Wt I've dealt wid is a very small part of the larger issue..
The post ws an instant ,alarming reaction..
But cud go on non writin bout it, n dealing wid it.

shreya said...

hey thats so true.....seriously..
we dont need no education!!!!

pankajunk said...

abe k chittar khayega. theres no evidence that corporal punishement works any better than other modes of coercion. in fact it is self perpetrating - students who are the subject of violence and more likely to use it when they grow up.
anyway, the debate of the success rate of corporal punishment shouldnt even arise in the first place.

since we are supposedly civilized and not animals, violence is a NO NO, and ESPECIALLY NOT INSTITUTIONALLY.

yahan usa mein raging debate hai ki terorrist suspects ke saath kaunse modes of torture acceptable hain, aur yahan corporal punishment ko justify kiya jaa raha hai.

snigdha said...

Well expressed...but nobody justifies corporal punishment nowadays..