Sunday, September 02, 2007

'Pamper Sunday'

Eyes not ready to wake.

Heartbeats for my dreams,still at stake.

I gather my spirit to amble around,

Oh is there something special I found?

A look from the porch, I need not take,

Its drizzle, I know its pleasing smell..

A fine morning, with music so fine to fill my ears,

pitter patter, droplets, bring heaven near...

The mirror looks at me, and I stand still,

"Its sunday morning, pamper yourself !"

I indulge, I pamper, I dandle.

I care, nothing to spare.

A week of scurry, hurry, worry,

is to a close,

But every end, begins a new show..

My leisure Sunday, My pamper Sunday..

Is slowly passing by..

But I'll wait a hundred and forty four hours,

to meet it again!


Sach said...

hey this 1 really deserves a applaud...seriously!
nd thnks fr blogrolling me...i will 2 do da same....

snigdha said...

thanks so much..keep readin my posts, n criticism is sought too..