Monday, December 21, 2009

Change is tough..

About 4 and half years back as I joined law school.. the curriculum of 5years scared me! Could not imagine how it would all turn out...could not gauge how much time 10semesters would take! And now I look back and time just flew.. Yeah seems as if it passed quickly..but when I glance through pictures..I see the difference..Then I realise that at that time we used to use HI5 for social networking..and then orkut came by..finally facebook took over and is still reigning.. I started blogging..became dormant for a again..n back to snail's pace.. Something that stayed unaffected, unchanged was my circle of friends..
In this 'City Beautiful' we all wandered about..sipped coffees and ambled around as if nothing was holding us back...Today was just another of those days..but as our tenth semester is approaching, we'r all trying to fill ourselves up..up to the brim..with memories to carry.. Ask we get high after coffee with chocolate truffle..ask us how it is to fit in 6 people in those tiny autorickshaws( after giving the auto chap assurance that we're law students and will manage if there is a challan!!) Yeah once, 9 of us also managed travelling in that!!Ask us how yum maggi tastes when the soup concoction is tried with it at 2am!! Ask us about the innumerable window shopping sprees and the actual ones that lasted the whole day!! Ask us how it feels now if we start talking of first year..or the changes from 2005 to the end of this year.. Gosh! Its tough..this change.. This carefree part of life is coming to an end.. Apart from that, not meeting my friends..whom I barge into hundred times a going to be hard to cope up with..
Imagine..I even reconsidered puttin up make-up for the 5th Year Farewell in April (thinkin I would be crying at the end of what's the point!! heheh) Never studied in any school for more than 3 years..not even 3 I guess..So its funny leaving college after 5 years.. We've cursed it many times..cribbed a lot..but I love it..I love my friends and undoubtedly this has been the best time of my life that leaves an indelible impression of what we call friendship, fun, frolic, trust, love and care... Will miss this life all my life..


ME said...

i so feel de same!!!!!! i luv wht u hve written.. n i dont feel like leavin de coll its lke a second home to me !!!!! god i wish v cud never let go off dis time........... i hve loved these coll daz.. n ppl with whom i hve shared it .
thanks for being a part of it :)

snigdha said...

@me...Deboo you could have posted a comment anonymously also ratehr than the 'ME' mystery! lol n Thanks fr appreciating my post.. m gonna miss ya loads..

Sanely Insane said...

vn i read it i realized hw bloody difficult its going to be to actually face the time when we leave that shitty place which ol of you helped me survive in.
i have tears n my eyes dnt knw r dy of joy for being a part of your lives or of sorrow for now being away from you or of horror from that fact that we might grow apart...
i will always love u guyz .. muuuaaaaaahhh

Anonymous said...

nice described the whole story of college life.........gr8 work