Friday, December 25, 2009

The little kid..

Its Christmas today!! The pre-NEW YEAR funtime! And referring to the previous post of mine..well it is the last christmas with college friends..Perhaps we'll meet later in life on some get together ..but the future is uncertain isn't it?
Anyways, I REALLY don't want to tug at the meloncholy strings as of now..
I discovered something today...
We have our last exam of the 9th semester tomorrow morning at 10!! The subject is not tough at all but still going out just when its time to revise and discuss the subject is a bit of a risk and quite a lot of "guilty- me" thoughts!! My friend Megha was dreading that her Dad would call and would be upset if he knew she was out eating before an exam(because he always taught her that no matter how easy the exam be, one must never go out just a day before an exam!)However, we all kept those books aside to celebrate Christmas in our own way.. Put on those jackets and coats..and in the cold winter evening set out for a walk to a coffee shop to enjoy cake on the special day!!
At the coffee shop were the usual Christmas decorations balloons et all.. My friend Deboo and other were tugging at them..and deboo slipped one into her bag too ( who shall wait for Santa to fulfill wishes!!??!!)... Megha attended her father's phone call and sheepishly smiled before admitting that the noise was of her friends who allegedly pulled her here because Christmas was more important than the exam in most respects!!

Coming back to two hours before our walk and coffee and cake... another friend of mine..Neha played a prank on a batchmate who had asked her to keep a watch on the two lone "gol-gappas" in her bowl during tea time..and well Neha the mischievous girl, told deboo that someone had said she did not want to have them so she could!! Deboo took no time to gobble one of them and Neha gobbled the other..In the meanwhile Minna came back..shocked to see the empty bowl!!

Now fast forward..backto coffee shop..after 'sharing and caring' as Deboo would put it..we all Megha,ME, Upi, Astha ,Vidhu,Sakshi, Neha and Deboo..shared our cakes n pastries..and started for get back to our law books...
And when we reached.. Deboo showed off the balloon to everyone with that ecstatic look of a wonderful possession she had!! Shrila took less than a minute to get at it and BOOM!! It burst!!
The look on Deboo's face..that of a offended child whose toy was just snatched away by a mean kid.. And now I recall the mischevios smile on Neha's face when she played a prank on Minna..And I remember the look on Megha's face when she answered her father's call..

Yes, I discovered the kid in all of us all over again...
So SANTA...This year preserve the kid in me and my loved ones because it brings a smile to our faces and happiness in our lives...


ME said...

i like de description of de day from ur eyes it makes my day all de more beautiful....... n de part u missed was whn u begged us all to go out on dis day... n m so glad i listened to u as i do alwaz ;)

snigdha said...

P.S and I really need to add stuff about the mischievous little kids..Neha got minna a muffin on christmas coz she was feelin bad about the gol gappa prank... AND Shrila the other prankster got Deboo a big new balloon( Phoogaah) as deboo calls make her happy after the balloon burst!
:) so at the end of the day..naughty kids in us are also nice!!