Monday, February 08, 2010

Winter rain

All huddled up ,fluffy cotton ball like, are some,
daring to challenge the cold breeze, standing against it are few..
Ashen firmament, falling auburn leaves, swaying trees; a spectacular view...
It came unannounced, it came without any prayer..Its 'winter rain'.

Perceived in many a way-surprising, welcoming and dismay..
Some await sunshine,
while others love the weather gods' play,
Its pitter patter unexpected, its painted everything silvery gray...Its 'winter rain'.

Some crouch into warm blankets,
stay indoors lest the cold would catch them in the fray..
While others would treat their taste buds,
with some hot tea, perhaps jalebies too on a tray...
After all, its a surprise visit once in a while by 'winter rain'.

Two ways to look at one thing..
poles apart are the thoughts,
Two different ways of feeling it,
yet it changes not...

How we mortals perceive as we wish,
see the same not as same,
Life and its times like dew, sometimes thunderous rain,
Wish everyone could welcome it all, like welcoming 'winter rain'...


ArAdHanA said...

Well put--
My thoughts compel me to draw an analogy between the expression communicated and the chilblains of wintry human minds--All I seem to clinch is a zilch!:)(human psychology)
Splendid..have always admired your rhythmic tread, while inking the snow!

snigdha said...

@aradhana..your comment was a blog post in itself... thanks :)

Vagabond said...

winter rain has a little something to is almost poignant for me. =)


snigdha said...

@bhavika- Thanks fr dropping by after so long..I've not been blogging much lately.. hope ur fine.. keep in touch