Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes, one time..most of the times..

Sometimes I just want you to listen,but there are the same times when you wish to keep mum..Listen one can without saying a word,but hearing and listening would't be same for all..

Sometimes I wish I were with you,but those are the same times you want your time all alone..To be in the place as same as in one's thoughts,
wouldn't be possible for all..

One time you are there with me, in front of my eyes and in the same moment ,in my soul..
The other time you are far away, just like a story untold..

Most of the times you know when I'm happy and know it too that I'm melancholic in my own way..Funny it is that at times its true that you hurt me,but its when I don't want you to know and just for that , I pray..

To feel love and that too your love, there is a need to feel empty..
There is a need to taste some pain, a pinch of hurt... to win back love aplenty..

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