Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finer pleasures of life..

Mornings-neither too cold nor too warm..just pleasant..just a September morning

Afternoons- those lazy afternoons when I'd love to just nap but would ultimately slip into slumber

Hug- A group hug..just mom dad and me

Hand shake- a warm soft paw within my palm..just Jojo

Leisure-sitting, reading a book,among hundreds of Larkspurs,Petunias, Sweet Williams and Dahlias..just so March

Crave-One bar..just one; of chocolate..and just mmmm..

Walk-Night, star studded..fallen leaves, and the clittering crickets..

Talk- For hours together..about anything under the sun and time just passes..

Sip- Coffee..and you let your heart out..just like that

Sit- On a bench,where you can aimlessly observe..just watch the crowd thinning or getting denser

Sleep- in mum's lap, no matter how grown up you may have become..just cherish it

Laugh- That hearty laughter and tears rolling out..just so priceless

Sing- Yes, its nice on the stage..but in the bathroom..just you and your echo..

Pride-When I see dad dorning the Olive Green..

Accomplishment- To cheer someone up..

Tears- just thinking of times bygone..happy times

Care- When someone knows just whats on your mind and in your heart..

Love- transcends into unfathomable depths and sky scraping heights..just so undefinable..

Smile- A resplendent something..that just lights up another smile..

And so many more of these finer pleasures of life..that we just don't notice everyday and these moments stay momentarily and pass...

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Kartik Shankar said...

If the bar is a Mars - do ensure you are nowhere near me.
I have been known to act in violent ways for a Mars bar :)

PS - I dropped by after a long time now. Felt nice going through the kaleidoscopic depiction of everyday in your post.