Saturday, May 16, 2009

Valuable assets passed on..

The entire 8th semester wrapped up in a single whooosh.... the graduation party( we'r done with the B.A, out of the B.A,LL.B!!) and the farewell to seniors( which was surrounded by lots of drama and controversy) were enjoyed at the end of the day.. Another very important agenda of the 8th semester was the RESULT of the dreaded 7th Semester.. but in record breaking incident, we'r at the threshhold of giving our exams and the previous result isn't out yet!! So, now that exams got really near and we finally decided to buy books and xerox the necessary material.. I got some notes photostated for the subject called Business Law since it was a mixture of so many statutes that i deferred buying separate books! Obviously, I did not even touch them until the preparatory leave arrived and that when I discovered something..

As I started reading the notes..something related to government securities..bonds et al.. the impressions from the past came alive.. I read a name, my immediate senior's name( ya its her notes most of us have copied)..but at another place was another name..of a senior of a senior( super senior).. so you see how notes are passed as valuable assets!! Then I stepped upon something written on top of the paper..some senior of mine in his/her utter frustration had written the following couplets- "Chameli ek saloni hai...saloni ladki hai yeh Chameli".. !!!!!

I grinned..and moved on and after a few more pages..I read the following

10 roses

Card( via speed post)

a pack of fererro rochers

Bouquet of flowers

"Not bad..not bad..wah ji wah"

And I smiled this time..and moved on with my chapter..

Later i discovered a senior's name wit ha prefix to it "Lietenant" ..It dawned on me that he was no more. Felt ackward. How much he would have loved to have that prefix to his name, the pride of writing one's rank next to one's name cannot be imagined.. but he could never realise that dream.

At that I must have taken a long break from my reading.. Business law was no more on my thoughts.. Just some pages..not original..photocopied over these years, given to juniors again and again said little things.. About someone challenging one's grey cells to some nonsense rhymes, and some one appreciating a lover's effort to woo his girl...and about someone who was stuck up in the law course and was dreaming of holding a rifle!!

Notes are not just to read, pass the exam and throw away.. when you give it to your juniors with your share of scribbles and scraps, you're passing a new phase and beginning some one's beginning..

As i bid adieu to the 8th semester.. I made it a point to do my share of scribbling and smiled..

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