Friday, April 27, 2007

Time flies...

Yesterday I was having a nice and happy conversation with someone very important (to me).. One thing led to another and I discovered that 'time' takes its own time to weave our lives.
Not that I did'nt know that time waits for none and all that jazz..but still it felt as if things had not changed in the past few years but they eventually had.

I felt I was the same, but there are changes for the better that I know now...perhaps changes for the worse that I am not prepared for. All in all something has made life different , more exciting and it is definitely the passage of time.

Sometimes i just close my eyes and think of every single person whom I know or I have known in life, closely or remotely...and I try to decipher as to what importance those people hold in my heart.
I feel every human being (or animal) you meet leaves an impression on you and there is always something that one learns...

Walking down memory lane, I see myself talking to an aged man (my father's senior)..Vijay Uncle asks me( a 6 year old)-"So beta what do you want to be when you grow up??" and I say without flinching- an astronaut!!
Someone must have asked me the same question years later..and this time I said engineer!
Finally, time has brought me to a point where i can safely say a lawyer!!!

I recall filling up autograph diaries, slam books et all... and when the question came-"What do you think of love?" I once wrote -L-loss O-of V-valuable E-energy!!
Time has taught me that loving never makes one lose anything at all, it is something so beautiful that it shapes our lives in a way that one never feels alone in the world.

I've already mentioned him in one of my previous posts...yeah! Jojo...this friend of mine is almost ten years younger to me,yet has taught me a lot! I and my parents taught him to shake hands(read paws), jump over dicey cattle catchers on the road, bark at strangers and wait for 'the command' to eat food(khaaoww)!
He has taught me to believe in friendship, love, and eyes...
'Eyes'..well when there are no words spoken eyes do a lot of talking! Jojo has many moods and every mood is pictured in his eyes...My father says Jojo has taught him the meaning of 'a warm handshake'...A handshake which is true to the core.

I wish I could I could pour all thoughts in a jiffy but not now...its not possible.
Thats because I'm reminded of my Family law lecturer's words- "If you students do not read the chapter of muslim law along with the section 125 of the CrPC, and don't mention the landmark cases in the exam....You must die!!!!!"
This reminds me of the eleven schools I changed in my entire school life, and the teachers I mimicked, admired, loved, hated...also it reminds me that my semester exams are really near, I should be reading my law books!!

A few years down the line, God alone knows what sort of life I'll be leading, and how things turn out to be...only time will tell, so let it cast its spell...

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