Friday, May 04, 2007


Has'nt it happened to many people? To most of us?
Its that something which a someone with utmost innocence-says or writes, to you, for you...and you just get that feeling, that gut feeling..that you are offended!!And your knee jerk reaction is to get irritated and agitated to the core!

This is an astonishing fact that an innocuos remark for one can be an innuendo for another!!
People are different from each other..they need not think the same way, behave the same way in the same circumstances..what they need to do is deal with each other's differences happily, gracefully, peacefully...

"You said something, I thought it to be something

You meant something, I know what it meant..

Whats the matter, why are we quiet?

Lets try to find where our feelings lie...

Different is the rain from cloud, yet they are together.

Separate are the boats from the sea, yet they flow together..

So leave the dark innuendo behind, come in the light of unambiguity...

Once again life like before, is sheer lucidity...."

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