Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dear Blog..

Dear Blog,
Hope you're 'fit n fine',
Its been so long since I visited you..
But, I've been busy nine to nine..

Oh please do forgive me,
I did'nt mean to lend you a cold shoulder..
I hope some people visited you,
when I was trying to roll on over a stubborn boulder..

Yeah..something so unavoidable,
something so inevitable,
like a boulder its so heavy on me,
oh its so inescapable!

A week more..and You'll get all my attention,
when I'll be free from all exam tension..
Free from laws of family, of history of legality,
Of the Constituition of our nation, from the concepts of economy...

So take care untill we meet again,
miss me, the same way


Anonymous said...

hey sniggy...this isnt for this particular post..but all posts in general...loved reading thru ur blog....its a cocktail of sorts..
bless ya!!

snigdha said...

thanks a ton!!:)