Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm elated:)

A morning, that I looked forward too,
Did not see the rising sun, but knew it will shine for me.
A goal, a desire, a hope..
all three wrapped into a bundle of thoughts,
a string of words, a fervour to achieve..

Yes!! I'm elated!! I have an opportunity right in front of me..
This is to lady luck, to shine on me..
and to the almighty to bless me...

(This post is dedicated to elation- I'm elated today, because I've achieved an opportunity, yes nothin but an prove my worth, the real test is now!!
also..I've finally got an opportunity to blog!!courtesy my college computer laboratory blocking of my adorable blog!

not much to write.. opportunity has knocked once..i gotta go!!
I'm elated..can't stop smiling!


Sach said...

I'm elated...u write very well!

snigdha said...

hey...thanks for discoverin my blog!!
I read ur posts too..really worth appreciation!
happy blogging!