Monday, March 19, 2007

Just a smile...

For days together, she peered over the cradle,
waiting with bated breath, for her flesh and blood,
for its first smile, just a smile...

An ailing soul, lay still and cold,
yet there is something-age old,
it works wonders, relieves pain,
thats a smile, just a smile...

It's stolen from a stranger and beamed at ones you love,
It's a miracle,how a stranger can teach you to love!
its nothing but a smile, just a smile...

But times are such, that smiles are faked,
laughter is duped, keeping trust at stake,
The true smile is hard to find,
the one that stands out bright,
Not just lurking around the lips,
but reaching eyes,
making it divine.

Its a smile...just a smile.

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