Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Voyage

In the ocean of surprises, in the whirl of life's bay,
I sail across against the tide..everyday,
At times I rove with the turbulent current, and sometimes withstand its way...

A lighthouse of hope, beckons me,
tries to show what i wish to see,
But 'beware' is what I have to be,
because pirates of sorrow are near, in the pandemoniac sea...

Its a starry sky which looks upon the future,
A shooting star, is what I wish for.
A handful of wishes and I'll break free,
But, what shall I make of this journey..?

This voyage of life of waves-high and low,
of summer sunshine and winter snow,
of the thunderous gales and weakened sails
makes a mark on water as I trail...

I vow to the lighthouse of hope,
I promise the starry night sky,
I threaten the pirates of sorrow,
That I'll win this voyage of life...

And with this thought, I sail and sail
while the island of mirth awaits me...


PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

keep it going girl...

Last Man Standing... said...

hey thanx for ur comment...I just happened to check ur blog ...have to admit, ur poems are really good.

Keep the good work goin!


aradhana said...
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