Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An ode to women

She-who is born to bear life.
She who is nature's magnificent masqueraded might.

A woman; is she as tender as a blossoming flower,
as fierce as a lioness, indomitable to overpower...

The journey begun as a little daughter,
to the damsel so pretty in eyes of every other.

From the lover so shy, to the wife so coy,
to a mother so loving, a soul so intriguing ...

Her path of life, had hurdles manifold.
From the time as a toddler to a being so senile and old.

The peril of losing life before reaching any nearer,
the menace of being killed within the womb of her bearer.

The devil of this world tramples over her veil,
"the better half of man", who shall hail?

But wrecked; she won't be
she stands not lonely.

Revives the woman against the ruffians,
breaks free ,from shambles of destiny.

The time is hers, to emerge a winner.
The inferno in her soul, doesn't get dimmer.

It lights her torch of triumph,
and she rediscovers her long lost-self...


arnav said...

Sensible and meaningful poetry at its very best, wt more can i say?

Gautam Ghosh said...

daroon !

Am totally impressed ! Have you published anywhere?

bhavika said...

ur best till date...
lovely words..perect emcompassin the strife of a woman...
kudos honey.

rashmi said...

i like :)

Ajay Sarvepalli said...

Very nicely written!!! Tres bien!!!!