Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'll be there for you my friend..

When you would be in midst of happy times,
and you wish to rejoice,
I shall celebrate..
I shall be there for you my friend

When you're worked up and there's trouble all around
and when you wish to cry,
I'll lend you a shoulder,
I shall be there for you ,my friend.

When you're in the mood..
you wanna shop,walk or gorge on food
I'll be your accomplice,
I shall be there for you my friend.

When everyone seems so alien,
relationships seem in a haze,
your mind is a maze,
I shall be there for you, my friend.

Promises are to keep,
Ive tried my best to keep these,
Unknowingly I must have been hurtful,
Unruly our lives must have become,
But I shall still take you through the maddening phase..
I stick to my words..
I'll always be there for you, my friend...


Sachi said...

so sweet...
It's great to have friends around :) And you reflected it very well...

arnav said...

Hey very sweet and beautiful...

Lucky friend to whom this is dedicated!!!

megha said...

Hey.. its really very sweet..
And I am glad to be the one amongst those lucky people to whom the poem is dedicated....

snigdha said...

gosh poems ae tagged as SWEET all da time!! wts wid this sweetness??
Thanks fr all d appreciation..:)