Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just another face in the crowd

A step out of serene surroundings,
Another day at work,
"Go on girl...", a voice inside me motivates,
..Step out of that door".

Crossroads, turning points,
bus stops and more,
Its as if busy life is claiming
from silence; its foreclosure.

An occasional blast of hot air,
not to forget -its black smoke,
Nevertheless a baby's smile,
immunes me of what happened seconds ago.

I stare out of the window, no open space,
just vehicles small and large.
the blowing horns, the screeching brakes,
in the entire crowd I'm forlorn..

What I notice, is worth so,
the millions of faces around,
From the smiling baby in her mother's lap,
to the skinny rickshaw puller,-pulled down.

I saw intently some faces full of angst,
some were curious about the day,
Many were haggling for a rupee,
few were cursing the jam on the way.

In the mumble-murmurs ,shriek-screech jumble,
about more than an hour passed,
nearer my destination was I,
and so were my thoughts..

I was not alone, not travelling alone,
not a stranger to those around,
We're all bound by life and labour,
I realised--I'm just another face in the crowd..


arnav said...

Hey beautifully worded, it shows the thots of someone travelling far to work everyday, yet is new to it, so she thinks about where she stands in the milling crowd. But after some days you'll realise that while travelling, you'll cease to remain conscious of what you are thinking, the mind becomes kinda numb ( atleast happens to me!! )

P.S. N yes, i did realise the importance of making a poem rhyme!!!

snigdha said...

Thanks.. ya my mind does become numb aftr a while coz of the noise all around..but i hav to keep a track of the route so observing ppl s d bets pastime!!

n rhyming adds on to teh beauty of one's thots..so try it out:)

Sachi said...

perfect rhyme and an apt sense...so loved the words....

blogrolling you!

snigdha said...

M honoured..atleast will get sm blog visitors frm ur blog!!:)
thanks fr droppin in