Friday, July 17, 2015

OK or De(Kay)

One big wide grin and you term it  "batteesie" in Hindi, meaning a set of 32teeth! Well not everyone possesses all 32 and those who do,probably won't have them captured in one kodak moment smile!

18th year ushered in new stuff..the usual..'I'm an adult now' situations. What it also brought with that was wisdom.. Loads of it!! Yeah, 4 vestigial not so important and painful wisdom teeth!!

10years have passed and I lived with the full pack of 32. Numerous cheek bites as the top ones dug while I slept..turned worse then healed.. The lower two 'impacted' as per the Docs ... Not in agreement with the other teeth in the jawline.. My Mom saw these two and exclaimed.."looks like two disobedient kids decided not to stand in queue!!!
So much tongue in cheek about the peek a boo wisdom you must think..
Well, I just got one of my four pearls (sic) of wisdom dropped/extracted.
Excruciatingly painful,decayed tooth,unfathomable to the best of toothbrushes..had no option but to bid it goodbye..
So here I was fearing the unknown and it took under 15minutes for half of my face to go numb and my tooth to get uprooted like an old dead tree hit by lightening!
I don't think I can forget the sound of 'uprooting' which has got into my head! 
The procedure happened and I saw the severed tooth..decayed and dead at the top, strong and unscathed at the root... Like a freak got it home but the doc told me not to preserve it as it was flushed it off..
Had a sense of loss.. A vestigial organ as it may be..still was a part of me and my 'bateesie'... 

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