Saturday, September 03, 2011

fighting writer's keep the hobby intact!

A question does every child loathe ;when time after time, it comes forth..
"Dear child..what hobbies do you have, yet untold?"

Some just pick up their natural choice,
few others attend classes once a week,twice or thrice..

With a beeming smile will the mother foretell,
how her little one will be a Sania,a Sachin and MF Hussain,

From books and bags to paint brush and raquets,
from homework to tuition to boxing and karate,

The child moves on from school life,
the question alas stays right behind..

"Dear Fatcha(first year)..what hobbies do you have, yet untold?"
They make you sing,dance,mimic,act..
Hobbies or no hobbies..not a matter in fact!

And from college to workplace, the question follows,
in interviews, in forms..the HR hallows..
"Dear employee,what hobbies do you have,yet untold?"

You lived with them, you die with them..
a conversation starter, a symbol of an almamater,
a life's lesson, a moment's fashion..

None can leave the other,
weaved into the person, mingled with the soul..
for me its singing,poetry,swimming what's your hobby,yet untold?


arnav said...

You make unlikely sets of words rhyme, and the poem is very unconventional in its subject but very true and beautiful :-)

now that ur writer's block is over, make as much hay as you can while the sun shines :-P

snigdha said...


Jyo Jottypoet said...

Every word said or unsaid
Can be woven into a beautiful thread
It is when you put mind over matter
You have a POETRY on your platter.