Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bidding Goodbye to my four-legged friend...

Today, I think was the saddest day of my life..untill today my saddest day was when I had not passed my half yearly examination in Standard XI, somewhere around October 2003.. But, even on that day when my parents were shocked, sad and surprised at the way my grades had fallen; I had someone to hug and cry,someone who was neither shocked nor surprised and that 'person' who is no more there with me today..

"Jojo" ..I love you.. How you came into my life, I've already expressed in poetry, and it forms part of this blog. You completed 10years and 10months of a loving relationship with each and every person of my family..not just them, people who had never seen you in person but just in videos and pictures are concerned about you.. it only goes to show the extent of your loyalty and love for us..

The last two months had been difficult for you and worrying for us..I could never imagine not taking you for a night stroll or not seeing you licking off the tit bits of cake and 'payesh'..but there was hope until yesterday when I saw you in pain, in everything you did..and that's when I prayed to God to either let you recover or let go of you..he chose the latter and so did you..

So, baby you were waiting for me na? I came home and that's when you decided to bid goodbye to all of us..Last evening when you finished off three bowls of water and wagged your tail when I touched you, you can't imagine how happy I was.. You ensured that on your last day, you make my day.

I think practically, and feel that you left us at the right moment, before you could suffer even more..but emotionally, there is a void. The house looks empty and every nook and corner reminds me of you..

Not a day passed since 1998 when I did not take your name at home..and today, I just can't refer you and your naughty times in past tense. I was about to open a chocolate wrapper coz I jus felt like eating one..but my hands trembled. I remembered you, the way your eyes turned towards me and your ears stood upright on hearing the wrapper twist and open up noisily..and then you would want a bite from whatever I was having!! Thankgod I bought a camera phone this year, or else I would not have had those wonderful videos of you relishing mutton and gajar ka halwa and you chasing the monkeys from the garden.. Now there is nobody to guard Mamma's kitchen garden from the lagurs and monkeys and shoo off mongoose famililies.. There will be no 'beware of dog' board on the gate anymore..Its a drastic change Jojo. Baba, had allowed me to bring you home at the age of 1 month on so many pre-conditions, and when you loved him unconditionally, he forgot all of those.. He cannot cry like me and mamma, so he becomes quiet. You know how much he loves you. Mamma will feel sad everyday when she returns from school after a tiring day and does not see you on your little bed. I hope god gives us the strength and courage to fight this loneliness..

I can keep on writing about you..there is so much that I wish to tell..

I so wish god had given a longer life span to dogs, because I feel they deserve it truly.

We'll miss you, all our lives..May your soul rest in peace. Love you Jojo baby..Take Care, wherever you are...

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ArAdHanA said...

While I was reading this unnerving wave caught me!..I never met Jojo..but yes, had seen his flicks and videos and developed a surreal attachment to him..
Hey have left for the eternal land..May God Bless You!