Monday, March 10, 2008

High on love

The morning dew on a new green leaf,

The tree bough dancing along with the breeze,

The song on my lips,at the happiest time of the day,

The thought of the memories in my heart that always stay...

A smile, a bit silly, unnecessary ,but it's there,

A gaze, a phrase, unknowingly I see, in thin air..

The beauty of stars, I realise as I look up at night,

Mighty Orion hunting for love; a wondrous sight..

My love is like crystal, it shines with your light,

Your love beams through mine, everything seems so right..

Come away far from the frenzy of the world,

Come away to my arms, let our emotions unfurl..

Forget the worries life created,

shut your eyes to troubles we ourselves did beget...

Love like its never gonna end,

love as if its god-sent...


arnav said...


Wonder who's the lucky guy ;)

snigdha said...

Thanks for your comment...rather compliment!!
N the lucky guy? of my dreams;)

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

high-shy on love? eh?
the expression is perfect (not the pic you silly), i mean the poetry.
its exactly how you behave.

snigdha said...

@Anu dats how i behave??? wonder wht makes u draw dat inference..he he he
thanks fr droppin by my blog..!!!

Ramesh Cheruvallil said...

So cute thoughts..... expressed in a sweet way..

keep it up

please read my blogs at

snigdha said...

@Ramesh cheruvallil
thankyou sir..

The Gamer said...

The Serene Love !!

snigdha said...

@the gamer..thanx fr droppin by..
n i do agree wid ur comment on dis post.