Monday, November 06, 2006

The infantryman's daughter...

I owe my nomadic life and its lessons to a very important human being in my father.
and this poem is a dedication to him...
Its about my life with him being by my side always..even when he was'nt there...


Childhood – young and innocent, all smiles, laugh and gurgle
A mother’s lap, a kiss a pat – was the world for her,
Also was with her - A mother’s fear,
For she was the daughter of An Infanteer!

A thousand miles in the Sri Lankan Jungle,
The Infanteer fought with courage and valour,
But his heart pined for his three year old daughter

Her laughs and cries, her songs and smiles,
Play with dolls or pine for her father
This is the story, yesterday and today,
Of The Infanteer’s little daughter

Her eyes may well up but she will not falter
Strong at heart will be my daughter
Every tear drop will form a pearl for my child
For she is always an Infannteer’s daughter

Years passed by as he saw his daughter grow
And yet another day he had to go
Far and away to fight the enemy – evil
And protect us all from any upheaval

Left his wife and apple of his eyes,
With sweet memories on the sands of time
Naughty yet nervy in her own way
Life-she knew her father could layHe was young and took life as it flows
She a happy go lucky among her peers
Nestled in her little heart – unknown fears
For she was the daughter of an Infanteer

The letters he wrote she never did part
For he wrote of life and all things beautiful,
Love and joy, success and glory
And also of ‘Death’ the ultimate story

Every action in War, ambush and encounter,
Valour and fear, life and after
Every friend that fell , of prayers unheard
This was the life he often said,
To her - the daughter of the Infanteer.

She blossomed like a bud, with mother by her side,
And father in her heart, miles away- yet beside
A father , a friend, a soldier O my friends who hear
He is none other than the Infanteer

The story of children , of soldiers, of warriors
This story is mine, this story is thine,
So proud I am to be a daughter
Of my father – The Infanteer...

(This poem shall always be close to my heart...)

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abhimanyu said...

no posts yet on dis...... may b no1 has felt it yet... hey u said its ur story... its same story 4 me n many of us... but ya at times it hurts dat dad is away n at d same times it feels proud dat he is d 1 fightin 4 d nation n us.... has been written beutifully n expresses r lifes.... i salute 2 all the olives fightin there.... n even to ppl whom they hav left behind....